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How to take a good Instagram photo

How to take a good Instagram photo

So you want to stand out on Instagram. Understandable. With over 800 million users, there’s got to be a way to be successful amongst the crowd!

Instagram is a visual platform. The images you share matter more than anything so, how do you take the perfect Instagram photo?

Here’s what we know: .

Be basic.

Complex photos don’t always translate quickly with the eye. Keep them simple and straightforward.

Use the “Rule of Thirds” and utilize your camera’s gridlines. The Rule of Thirds is a theory suggesting the most important elements in a photo should be place along the lines or intersections to result in more interesting photos.

Keeping straight lines is also an important step in taking the perfect Instagram photo. A good rule of thumb is to always make your horizon straight. Photos should never look as though they’re going uphill or downhill.


The quality of your images is extremely important. The best images are made in good lighting. “Golden Hour” happens within the first hour of light at sunrise, and the last hour before sunset. This soft, warm light is sure to give you some of the best quality images.

Additionally, images made in dark areas create “noise”. Noise is the graininess in an image. In most cases, the darker the image, the more noise (graininess) there will be.

Another tip? Use your feet! If the subject of your image isn’t close enough, the greatest “zoom” one can use is with their feet. The zoom function on your phone decreases image quality and creates more image noise.


Be intentional with what you place in the frame of your camera. Inspect all of the elements within your photo. Is there clutter? Reflections? Other items relevant to your post?

Keep it clean, simple and symmetric. Again, by enabling the grid option on your phone’s camera, you can easily “weigh” the design of your image and know where to place any filler objects in a scene.

Have fun.

This might be an obvious, but remember, regardless of your audience, have fun. Be the human element behind your brand. Not only will this make your Instagram photos more enjoyable to make, it will resonate with your audience.

Don’t be afraid to give your profile some personality. Your audience wants to relate to other people, so give them something to relate to.

Creating a consistent, high quality Instagram will give you a leg up from the competition. By using these simple suggestions, you're sure to create a noteworthy Instagram account.

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