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Improve Usability of Billing Forms with these Tips

billing form tips for better usability

In your website design, your billing field is extremely important as it engages your target audience and encourages them to follow through with the checkout process. If you take a look at the various e-commerce sites, you can see the flow from check out (shopping cart) to final purchase. Here are some tips you can use to improve the design of billing forms and increase checkout conversions.

1. Shed light on intent

The main aim of billing forms is to coax your visitors to purchase your products or services. While there isn’t one to go about this, you can make sure the billing forms are concise and clear. As a result of this, your visitors won’t be unsure or confused with their decision to purchase your products and services. Here are a couple of techniques that work well:

  • The typography should be large
  • Use labels rather than placeholders
  • Additional padding between the form fields
  • Make navigation easier by using custom tab index
  • Use icons wherever necessary

2. Use custom input spacing

Certain data that visitors enter such as credit/debit card or phone numbers need a specific text format. With the help of JavaScript, you will be able to dynamically generate spacing, which will be highly beneficial in your billing forms. Custom spacing lets the visitors know if they are filling out the fields correctly. For example, when your visitors fill out their phone numbers and zip codes correctly, the billing form automatically moves to the next field. 4-digit spacing is extremely useful when your visitors have to enter their credit/debit card numbers. As there are a lot of numbers, it is easy for your visitors to make a mistake when entering the data. By incorporating 4-digit spacing in the credit/debit card field, your visitors will able to check if they have entered the details correctly.

3. Simplify the entire checkout process

You need to simplify the entire checkout process as much as possible, to encourage your visitors to go through with the purchase. If your billing form is small, ensure it fits within a page. If you have a large billing form, then split it into steps, to make it easier to fill out the form. You can show your visitors how far they have progressed in the checkout process and how much time they have to spend to complete it. While these details are small, they will have a positive impact on the checkout process.

4. Summarize the purchase

Before your customers hit the buy icon, you can show them a summary of the purchase, including the total price and date of delivery. The buyers will be able to see whether they have entered their details correctly. When you are transparent about the checkout process, your visitors are more likely to go through with the purchase.

The only thing that stands between a potential and paying customer is your billing form. That’s why you should use these tips to improve and optimize the usability of billing forms!

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