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UX VS UI: What’s the difference?

UX VS UI: What’s the difference?

In the OMG web design world, there are two different types of website designs , but people often get it confused for one another or there is a lack of understanding of the term. UX is known as User Experience and UI is known as User Interface. 

The issue is that a website cannot have one without the other. The OMG web design that happens needs both UI and UX design experiences to finish the final product. 

This is a great example of how the UI and UX design work from CareerFoundry, “If you imagine a product as the human body, the bones represent the code which gives it structure. The organs represent the UX design: measuring and optimizing against input for supporting life functions. And UI design represents the cosmetics of the body- its presentation, its senses and reactions.” 

Check out this short YouTube video to learn more: 


UX Design 

If we follow the UX and UI example listed above, the UX design is the backbone of the design. This is making sure that the overall user experience is seamless while being easy to navigate from page to page on the website.

 As a consumer, everyone has been on a website that seems difficult to navigate and have trouble finding the simple information that is needed. This is because UX and UI designers did not work together to make sure the website would work for the consumer and be aesthetically pleasing. 

UI Design 

Referring back to the example listed above, the UI design is making sure the website is pleasing to the consumers eyes. This could be the elements of a human that makes them attractive to others such as blue eyes, long eyelashes, beautiful skin, muscles and etc. 

This is the moment where a website’s logos, colors and overall feel of the website is appealing to a consumer. This is why UX and UI are intertwined with one another. 

A business needs a website that is aesthetically pleasing to consumers and clients while making sure it is user friendly. Here are a couple of popular music streaming apps for examples. 

Examples of apps


This was a favorite with the digital marketing team. The marketing team states that Spotify is one of the most user friendly streaming apps in comparison to Tidal and Apple Music. This is because you can seamlessly search for songs and change songs while listening to music. You click on your playlist and just swipe on the image to change the song. While it is user-friendly it is also aesthetically pleasing. It is a black background with green text with white inside. 


This seemed to be one of the least favorite music streaming apps. This is because it was a bit harder to navigate through the app and the design was basic, but not the good basic. 

Apple music

Finally, there is Apple Music. This is similar to spotify in the sense of music and features the streaming app offers customers, but it was not the favorite. Our OMG web design experts state that it is aesthetically pleasing because all Apple apps are designed the same way. A simple, but easy to read design. Yes it’s true, less is more! 

As one can see, Tidal was the least favorite due to the lack of UX and UI design working together. At the end of the day, these two design elements need to intertwine for a successful website or app. 

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