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Is Google Updating? Yes! Penguin Is Imminent


There have been some early signs of a Google Search update as of last few weeks  Mostly from Google's own words :

“The new Penguin update will make webmaster’s life easier a bit and for most people it will make it a delight.” - Gary Illyes 

Be it a limited number of sites or the start of something big, some are speculating that it’s an early sign of Google Penguin, though most are not confident that’s the case.

2016 Google Updates

Some have reported keywords showing a massive spike in rankings, a slight increase in long-tail keywords,  while others haven’t seen any obvious changes.  Automatic tracking tools are showing significant signs of an update yet, but they weren’t exactly on the ball with the last Panda news.

However, one major Google update has happened for all of animals as of late January.  You can now search for animal sounds.  By simply searching for “what sound does a ________ make”, you can hear the sounds of 19 of your favorite animals.  You’re welcome.

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