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Mobile Marketing Trends for 2016

Mobile devices without a doubt, have changed our daily lives.  We can do everything under the sun without ever getting up from the couch.  Email, text, take photographs, get real-time directions, educate ourselves…everything.  So what are the newest trends that we’ll start seeing through our mobile devices in 2016?  Let’s dive in.

Search Engines Variety

Google is currently observing how viewers will react to video ads in a Google Search.  If viewers become receptive to the idea, like they already are via Facebook and Twitter, we’ll progressively start seeing these new ways of marketing in search engines pop up.  As our devices advance and change in functionality, the way we market with them has to advance as well.

Blending Apps, E-Commerce, and Social Platforms

We’ve already seen the start of this trend in 2015, and it’s only going to grow!  Social platforms such as Pinterest and Facebook have already incorporated “Buy Now” options.  For a long time marketers claimed that audiences weren’t influenced to buy socially…but now that these platforms are making it easier and easier to buy without moving on to another site, the blur of buying and sharing will become more and more popular.

Apps for Lifestyles

Consumers love Lifestyle apps.  Apps for budgeting, exercise and diets, even expectant baby apps.  The problem with individual apps like these is that they can take up copious amounts of bandwidth, so getting overly creative in developing these apps becomes limiting to an extent.  On any given day you could be using several of these Lifestyle apps bogging down the bandwidth your service provider fits in your mobile plan.  In 2016 we can expect to see, much like E-Commerce and Social Platform blending, the meld between Lifestyle apps.  Now, instead of checking 3 apps separately, we can likely see apps that would update you on the size of your expectant baby, what exercises you should be doing at this stage in your pregnancy, and how much you can put into savings for the baby this month before it comes.  All within one app…making the most of the bandwidth you’re given.

2016 is going to be an exciting year for mobile technology and we’re anxious to see what works, what almost worked, and what didn’t work!  What do you think will be the next best thing in Mobile Marketing for 2016?  What do you think will go by the wayside?

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