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How to market your services in 2018

The advent of the internet caused a sudden change in the industrial landscape. Businesses have exploded their online presence and are channeling themselves on multiple social media platforms. Images, texts and videos representing their products and character are being seen and shared all over the world at a pace faster than human thought. Fashioning one’s online persona is as vital as tailoring one's content for the target audience. Entrepreneurs and businesses realize that the internet is a place where customers not just view pay-per click advertisements. They hone themselves and their searches. 

That is why it is erroneous to think that SEO is dead. Passing the search engine’s algorithm for a variety of similar or improved searches is vital in building credibility. Higher rankings on search engines ensure higher clicks on advertisements. With newer gestures and features within each platform, it is hard to ignore the rising of ‘stories’. First pioneered by Snapchat, Youtube, Whatsapp, Facebook are among the top social media platforms to adopt this concept. Stories feature captures memorable videos and images and are deleted over time. Their temporary nature provides an ethereal touch and can be utilized as an innovative way for engaging the customers. 

Dawn of AI

Developments in machine learning and neural networks have allowed us to automate some of the tasks of typical digital marketing. They have allowed businesses to engage deeper with the customer by interacting with their profiles and monitoring their click patterns. Segmentation of customers is a key parameter for most competitive businesses. Programmed AI can share content categorically and can tailor it by observing user behavior. Image recognition in future shall provide the customers with the ability to browse products via image searches. Chatbots are a staple for business to customer interactions online. They have seen drastic improvements due to the recent progress of AI technology. We shall soon meet Social media bots and virtual retail agents of various brands interacting with us on a level deeper than regular Images or Videos. 

Breaking the Walls

Online celebrities are a newly found people that are categorized in the industry as ‘Social media influencers’. Businesses today partner with such celebrities to improve their digital footprint. The varieties in style and presentation of content are practically limitless on the internet. People have become famous just for their content delivery overnight and have accrued millions of followers. Businesses today partner with Youtube celebrities, stand-up comedians and indie bands on Spotify to represent their products and services. In the coming years, we can see user interface and experience going to whole new level with VR representations. Browsing products online and even going to the mall shall become a virtual online experience for the netizen-shoppers. One needs to grasp how the internet makes the customer landscape so mercurial. To capture the attention of the people of the internet for prolonged periods of time is an ever-evolving problem. Businesses and Entrepreneurs need to constantly be in touch with the latest trending concepts and need to constantly polish their outlook to engage the ever-changing nature of online society. 

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