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Omaha Media Group Resumes Microsoft DevelopmentOmaha Media Group is happy to announce the reopening of Microsoft Windows Development with it's new Windows Azure development services for building mobile apps and websites including the Unity3D game engine on the Xbox One.

“Due to the lack of client interest in developing applications for Windows phones we made the decision to drop development for Windows Desktop and Mobile OS in late 2011, so we are very happy to be able to utilize Azure's development services to ramp up Windows Development once again.” said Brad Nietfeldt, C.E.O., Omaha Media Group.

Unity3D provides a development environment for building games, and handles technology aspects like graphics, audio, physics, animations, and more. While it has been most successful on mobile devices, Unity3D works across the major consoles, PCs, Macs, and Linux. Unity's Xbox One tools include support for many next-generation features such as enhanced Kinect gestures and recognition, multiplayer matchmaking, [and] SmartGlass.

“Mobile Services makes it fast and easy to create a mobile backend for every device. Mobile Services simplifies user authentication, push notification, server-side data, and business logic so you can get your mobile application in the market fast,” Nietfeldt said. “Mobile Services provides native SDKs for Windows Store, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, and HTML5 as well as REST APIs. We especially look forward to merging many of our banking / financial and Architecture, Engineering and Construction applications to the xBox One consoles in the near future.”



Omaha Media Group also has incorporated the Windows Azure Web Sites frameworks to provision Web applications from the Azure Management Portal, from an IDE, or from scripts using PowerShell in Windows or CLI tools running on any OS.  “It's a game changer for us really, we can now create new applications from scratch or deploy existing ones built in ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js, Python, or even Classic ASP. This gives us a very strategic advantage over would-be competitors who haven't yet embraced these frameworks. Now Omaha Media Group can also develop within over 30 open source applications, frameworks, and templates from the Web Application Gallery including WordPress, Umbraco, DotNetNuke, Drupal, Django, CakePHP and Express further expanding our already wide variety of development services.

To learn more about Omaha Media Group's Windows Azure and Unity 3D development services please contact us or call us today!

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