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Oversharing on Social Media

Oversharing on Social Media

We all have one of “those” friends. The social media over-sharer. Maybe they’re in your family or even in your office.

Endless selfies, minute-by-minute health updates and the latest food snap or political rant. It’s never ending. Social media has transformed from being a place to connect into an oversaturated online diary.

As much as society has been angsting over personal space and privacy, there are still an endless amount of offenders of sharing too much information on social platforms.

While personal oversharing is one thing, oversharing as a brand is another.

Brand oversharing.

Eighty-six percent of social media users want to follow and do follow brands on social media. More often than not, users following brands are in pursuit of specific, relevant content. Be it promotions, new products or personal incentives.

Did you know that out of the above eighty-six percent, sixty percent of them are annoyed by too many brand promotions?

Other brand annoyances:
Overusing slang or jargon
Forced humor
Not replying to customers and their messages

Brands have the difficult task of finding balance between being informational and bombarding an audience with too much content. It takes a good amount of strategy to assure the visibility of your brand in an effective way.

While it’s true your average social media user must see a product two to four times on a platform before making a purchase, nine or more times can send you straight to the unfollow button.

You are an extension of your business.

Whether you own a business or are an employee, your actions online reflect upon that brand. More often than not, oversharing your personal life on social media affects your business.

It’s interesting to reflect on pre-internet days when the only information people knew about eachother was the information volunteered to them. Essentially, we had work lives and personal lives.

Today, the abundance of information shared up to a following on social media gives access to people we don’t even know. Social media connects everyone in a way connecting personal lives and business lives.

Friends follow businesses while clients follow personal posts. It’s nearly impossible to maintain separate personal and business lives. Because of this, you are your brand, wherever you work, regardless of your position.

Questions to ask yourself before posting online:
Do I really want to share this with the world?
Does the world really need to see this information?
Will I care if this post is screenshotted?
Would a client care if they saw this?

Remember, regardless of privacy settings, social media and what you put on the internet is essentially out there forever. Be smart.

If you’re a business, get a strategy in place to assure your visibility, but in a courteous manner.

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