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SEO Trends That Will Keep You Ahead of The Competition in 2017

By now it’s a well-established fact that SEOs are extremely powerful tools in creating interest on the net for you web-content. However, SEO creation is a very dynamic matter, and trends keep changing with the changing algorithms of search engines. As such, it’s very important that you keep your SEOs updated so that you remain ahead in the mad competition that all business are falling prey to today. The moment your efforts at marketing slacken, you will be overtaken by your competitors within next to no time. Now that we are coming to the end of 2016, here are some trends that we believe you should look out for in 2017 to stay ahead of the tough competition:

Videos are going to be more popular

People today are more interested in things that stimulate their audio-visual senses. Today, people have either no time or no interest in reading lengthy written content. People are more attracted to pictures and videos. If you take a look at websites of some big name in the business world, you’ll find a lot of video content. Videos are currently the best way to keep your visitors engaged with your content.

Researches have shown that websites with plenty of video contents have a higher chance of turning up in search results, as well as in getting clicks. While the trend has just kick-started recently, 2017 will definitely see a huge surge in the use of video content on websites.

Optimizing your content for smartphones

Today, a large number of websites have a ‘desktop’ version, and a ‘mobile’ version. This sis because people are no more accessing the net, sitting in one place hooked on to one PC. Today the use of smartphones is becoming more popular, and with it, smartphones are getting more complex and sophisticated. Needless to say, optimizing your content for search engines to suit results on a smartphone has become very important.

People access the net more on their phones today as it’s faster and more convenient than sitting on a desktop. As such, the coming years are surely going to see a rise in web content getting optimized for search engine results on smartphones. 

Personal marketing

Another way to make your content appear on search results more easily is by personalizing your advertisements to internet users. This has already gained popularity off late, and the benefits are already seen. The biggest reason that online marketing fails is due to advertising products that don’t match with the needs of the user. Using algorithms that identify the internet user’s preferences, businesses today are offering more personalized content and ads to get a better hold of the market. 

Optimizing results for Voice Searches

Voice searching too has become another trend that is gaining more popularity off-late. As such, it goes without saying that as a business, you’ll have to make sure that your content SEO has been tailored to suit the Voice Search feature as well. Voice search has made browsing the net much simpler. Needless to say, it’s definitely going to be the most popularly used method of search engine operations in the near future. 

Will you be a trend setter in 2017?  Let us help you get your SEO strategies off to a good start!  

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