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The key benefits of email marketing

The key benefits of email marketing

Can you guess how many emails are sent every day around the world? There are 205 billion emails sent daily, and it’s expected to grow every year by three percent. That's a whole of marketing opportunities for businesses. 

Emails have grown to become a standard communication tool for many people due to their easy and fast-receipt nature. These reasons have transformed it into the perfect marketing tool for most businesses. But, why should you use email marketing in your business? As a leading digital marketing agency, here e are some of its benefits: 

Relatively cheap

Email marketing brings in more return of investment compared to other mainstream marketing channels. This method is easily more affordable than using mail, print, and digital advertising since these alternatives have postal, print and production costs. 

Draws precise and valuable metrics 

Many marketing tools produce vague results and estimations, while email marketing tends to provide accurate and valuable measurements. Being able to see the metrics of your emails will help your marketers learn your customers’ behaviors. These metrics include open rates, delivery rates, subscriber retention rates, and click-to-deliver rates. 

Increased brand awareness

Your consumers get more information about your brand and products with each email you send. Sending personalized emails to customers will get them to remember your emails. You also get more customers when you have a strategic plan involving targeted content with a smart design

Targeted audiences

Gone are the days when people would place advertisements without knowing if it reached their target audience. Email marketing solves this problem by allowing you to control who sees your content. You can segment your contact list based on their demographics, location, lead status, or any other data points to achieve this. Customizing emails ensures that your clients get content that is specifically meant for them and meets their needs. Additionally, it leads to a higher conversion rate through the email replies.

Easy to get started and far-reaching

When using email marketing, you don't need a big team or a lot of requirements for it to be successful. The content of an email is the main requirement in email marketing. Additionally, email marketing can help you reach many people across the world by just clicking a single button, making it more efficient for your business with less preparation required.

Instant impact and drives revenue

A business can instantly start seeing results due to email marketing's direct and personalized communication. Furthermore, email marketing takes advantage of impulse buying by using email newsletters to drive sales.

Give your email marketing the upgrade it needs with the help of the best digital marketing agency in Omaha! At Omaha Media Group, our marketing professionals will be able to create email campaigns perfect for your brand.

We have our very own email marketing platform called Monstrous.Email that makes it easy to schedule, publish and monitor all your emails. Contact us to see how we can improve it or make it work better.  

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