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The ups and downs of user generated content

The ups and downs of user generated content

Eighty-five percent of consumers find visual content posted from other consumers to be more influential than content directly from a brand. In fact, users are twice as likely to share user generated content because they want a friend to see it, yet only fourteen percent of brands know this is happening.

As a professional Omaha marketing agency, we’ll tell you one thing: user generated content is more important than ever!

What is user generated content?

It’s pretty self explanatory, really. Content shared by a consumer of your brand. User generated content can include reviews, photos, questions and comments, videos and more - whatever your users provide that offers feedback of your business.

That time you left a review on WeddingWire after your nuptials? That was user generated content. Or how about the photo your posted to Yelp after trying the new Zio’s Pizza out West? Also user generated content. Commented on a blog you follow? You guessed it - user generated content.

How does a website benefit from user generated content?

Any Omaha marketing agency like us will tell you that user generated content is great for SEO! Not only does it provide extra for search crawlers, it’s nearly crowd-sourcing your on-page SEO. A huge win!



Review help boost a brand’s reputation and credibility. In fact, Google contracts out thousands of actual humans to help evaluate the legitimacy of reviews!

Social posts

Even a social media post about your business or product made by a customer is considered user generated content! These posts are commonly shared by their following and can boost your website traffic!

Images and video

A fourth of all web searches are done through Google Images! When a user submits an image to the internet, there’s a good chance that image will drive traffic to your website. Same goes for video content.



Reviews can be scary, even if you have an awesome business! Any time a low average rating is submitted, they raise a red flag for future customers! There’s also a risk of fake reviews. Leaving a part of your reputation up to the public is nerve wracking, but worth it if managed appropriately.

Social posts

Social posts made by the public is a lot like public reviews. Great when they’re great, but a chore to manage when they go awry. It’s impossible to maintain the behavior of your users, so at times, this can be damaging. This is one of the major reasons your business should hire and Omaha marketing agency to maintain your social media reputation! It can be a lot to manage, but a professional like us has the means to do it.

Images and video

Quality of content is always hit or miss with images or video uploaded by users. Lacking the control over lighting, backgrounds and where things are posted otherwise can be a lot to manage. There’s also the risk of inappropriate behavior with images. One of many things a business can’t control with user generated content.

While there are many risks with user generated content, the rewards can boost your SEO and drive quality traffic to your website. Though “scary” at times, we think it’s worth the risk.

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