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Three Netflix movies with unbelievable social media truths!

Three Netflix movies with unbelievable social media truths!

If you’re anything like our digital marketing agency on a Monday morning, your water cooler talk is heavily based around what you watched on Netflix over the weekend. It’s safe to say our weekends have contributed to the 140 million hours of streaming videos.

Truth be told, we’re suckers for nearly any genre on Netflix; be it reruns of Cheers to the guilty pleasure of Instant Hotel. If there’s a show on Netflix, we’re probably going to watch it.

Over the last few months, however, a spike in social media-based content has been streaming. And for a digital marketing agency, this is like giving candy to a baby.

There is a lot to be learned in the realm of digital marketing. Sure, there’s ROI, KPIs and engagement rates. But the real “bread and butter” for us is understanding social media on a personal level, because after all, social media is meant to be social. Social media isn’t just made of C-levels and pocketbooks to match. These platforms are made of moms, dads, struggling business owners, college kids - everyday people like you and me.

So, what can we learn from a slew of Netflix shows centered around social media? Everything.

The American Meme

The American Meme is a Netflix documentary based around four social media celebrities - Paris Hilton, Brittany Furlan, Josh Ostrovsky and Kirill Bichutsky.

What’s interesting to us is how becoming a social influencer today is all the rage. It’s common for everyday consumers to purely see these social celebrities on the surface level. Full of life, dawning extravagant things and millions of followers to boot. Why wouldn’t any average Joes want to become a social influencer?

However in American Meme, they go behind the scenes with these social celebs to see what life is like for them outside of social media. Exploring the loneliness and nearly unattainable expectations, this was a total hit for our digital marketing agency.


What a mess. We recently published a blog regarding what every digital digital marketing agency can learn about Fyre festival. Truth be told, if we could turn Fyre Festival into a book for a Digital Marketing 101 college course, we would.

The FYRE documentary on Netflix gives an inside look to “the greatest party that never happened” and how social media made it happen. Better yet, how social media also burned it to the ground.

If there’s any movie or event that proves the power of social media and Influencer life, this is it.


Another great docu series on Netflix based around social media celebrities and how they built their popularity online. This was a particularly interesting one for our digital marketing agency as we got an inside look as to how these social celebs implemented growth tactics.

Each story of these social media celebrities earned unexpected fame by utilizing their niche audience.

Social media in an interesting industry to be a part of as a digital marketing agency. Being a part of a businesses social success is a genuine joy for us! However, the behind-the-scenes of social media is equally important to us. At the end of the day, social media is for people and created by people. What we do with it and how we portray ourselves and business takes responsibility on a professional and personal level.

What are some shows you’ve watched recently about social media? We’d love to hear your take on them!

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