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What is a CSG?

What is a CSG?

Whether you are a new client, existing one or a potential client, all of our clients will have a CSG meeting with our Omaha marketing group! This is a chance to figure out the best marketing strategies to follow, learn about an industry and business and get to know our marketers! 

This is a CSG 101 and why we ask some of the questions we do! 

What is a CSG?

What does CSG stand for? Content Strategy Guide. Before our digital marketers can start the process of social media marketing, SEO strategies or writing blog content- our experts need your feedback! 

As a business owner or decision-maker in the business, YOU are the expert in your industry. Whether it is selling natural stone tiles or replacing and repairing roofs, our experts need to understand more about your business. 

This means our experts sit down one-on-one with your experts to get a better feel  for your business. Omaha marketing group will be an extension of your business to the public eye, so we need to know EVERYTHING about your business! Okay, maybe not everything, but everything important. 

Target Audience

Who is your target audience? Hootsuite defines a target audience as,“the specific group of people you want to reach with your marketing message.” As marketing experts, we need a better understanding of who your target audience is. 

Who are you marketing and selling your products and services? Is it homeowners or Millennials? You could even break it down further to Millennials homeowner in this region of the Midwest or United States. 

A target audience is the most important, if not THE most important, understanding between a client and a digital marketer. A digital marketer cannot correctly market your products or services without understanding from you and their own research who is using your products and services. 

The next step is figuring out the tone of your business. 


Our Omaha marketing group wants to make sure we are using the correct tone, voice and wording for your business! A message that is not going to the right target audience and is not perceived correctly by this audience is a wasted plan.

The tone of a business is critical for its consumers. A business’s tone in messaging is going to change depending on the type of message being sent out, but the voice should always be the same. 

If there is a message that is being published which is fun and different than the normal postings, it can be a bit happier, funnier or sassier; however, the voice of the client remains . It is almost as remembering the brand of the business. The voice is the brand and the tone is the awareness! 

You can have a sassy tone but still be professionals in your industry. A business can have a bit of fun and still remain as the go to for industry news because the voice will be the same! Once this is done, the wording is critical. 

A great example is the difference between marketing to Millennials and Gen Z. Gen Z is the new age Millennial, but a generation who has always had accessibility to technology. 

The voice, tone and messaging here are ALL a key-component working together. Don’t have FOMO by marketing to the wrong generation. This will not be fire and you will not be able to “dab” on them. 

Social media platforms 

Creating a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn is free and is the first step in the digital marketing process. Is your target audience on Facebook? More than likely if your audience is Millennials to Baby Boomers, yes they are. 

Let’s use Gen Z again! 

A Gen Z consumer will be watching YouTube, scrolling through Instagram and SnapChatting their entire life away! So, how do you engage with this generation? Get on their terms, use their lingo, use images and videos that relate to this generation and understand them on a personal level. 

Often times, our reporting software shows that males use Twitter more than females, and females are on Facebook more than their male counterparts. If a marketer understands and knows this knowledge, a message can be tailored differently for each platform.

This also depends on B2B and B2C marketing efforts that will be set in place.  

All of these notions and even more are talked about during a CSG! This is why a CSG is a critical beginning step in the marketing process. Spill the beans while you are with us so we can help give you the ROI your business needs! 

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