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What is a web host?

What is a web host?

A web domain and a web host are often confused to be the same thing. We can certainly understand the confusion when you’re not professionals in the web industry!

For us, we want to cut the jargon and give you information the “everyday Joe” can wrap their head around. defines web hosting as the activity or business of providing storage space and access for websites.

Think of it this way. Your website domain is the address to your website. Just like your home’s physical address. It’s unique and sends people directly to your information.

Your web host is where you put the furniture in your home. Web hosting stores all the files and data your website needs to function.

Why is this confusing?

Web domain and web hosting is generally confusing for people because the two services are often offered by the same provider. More often than not, conventional domain registrars will offer web hosting for free to entice customers to use their services.

Frequently asked questions about web hosting

Should I have my domain address and web hosting with the same provider?

No. In the event something goes wrong (security, hidden fees) with your hosting company, your domain is safe in your own hands. Switching hosting companies is much easier when using a third party.

What if I already have my domain hosted with the same provider?

Basically, you have two options.
1- Let it be and hope for the best.
2- Move your domain to a third party.

If you choose to move your domain to another registrar, you’ll need to go through the process of a transfer request from your current provider to your new one.

A lot of work? Yes. But with patience, it can be done.

How to choose the best web host?

Avoid free hosting.

Free hosts tend to be unreliable and slower in speed. Also know that free hosting services won’t  warrant you compensation should problems arise.

Refund options.

Research hosting companies that are quick to refund your business should something go wrong. Some web hosts lack a refund guarantee policy. In our opinion, always protect your online assets. A good company takes pride in having happy customers.


As will all businesses you work with, reviews are an important part of selecting your web host. Be on the lookout for security and customer service complaints, mentions of downtime and slow page speeds.

Picking a web host for your domain is a big and sometimes confusing process. However, knowing what to look for can make all the difference in the success of your website. If you have any questions about your domain and web host, send us a message!

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