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Why a Content Hub Is Your Best Bet for Quality Lead Generation

According to this Kissmetrics article, a content hub is a destination for visitors where they would be treated to an assortment of different types of content- homegrown, curated, guest posts, user generated, branded, promotional, video, images, social media content and anything that you can image related to a particular theme. The same article explains that a content hub is slightly smaller than a website but is more diverse than a blog.

In reality though, you can transform your blog into a content hub if you wish to. A content hub allows you to customize and control the experience of your visitors completely unlike on social media sites and hosted blogs where the experience is less personalized and the algorithms aren’t controlled by you. A content hub allows you to centralize all your assets and tailor the experience of the visitors based on the insights that you have gained from them. This allows you to become more trustworthy as they trust your content and keep coming back to the hub multiple times and ultimately encourages them to become valuable partners. 

Some of the benefits of a content hub

Creates the perception of thought leadership

Due to proliferation of native and sponsored content on the internet, the value of content has slightly reduced. Today, it is guided by authority and domain knowledge. Consistently publishing quality content catering to a wide range of tastes and needs, gives you an instant recognition and differentiation. 

Drives engagement

Some websites attract traffic but can’t drive engagement. Either they have a high bounce rate or they fail at their primary objective of lead generation. A content hub not only brings in a steady stream of traffic but also encourages them to come back again, share, sign up for ezines, fill up forms that give you access to more customer information, download free resources and also perform actions that directly benefit revenue generation. 

More marketing insights

Greater engagement also translates to sharing of more information and gathering of more insights. As a hub has a number of different types of content, these can act as different types of stimuli evoking different types of actions and reactions. This gives you loads of free, actionable data and insights that can be used to not only improve your content strategy or personalize the content flow but also bring more coherence to your overall marketing efforts. 

Ability to personalize content

Since a content hub is usually present on your website, you are the sole controller and moderator of the published content. You can make the experience more meaningful and relevant for your visitors and by improving customer centricity, you can bring them back again and again. This improves their perception of your brand identity and corporate culture too. 

How do they generate leads?

Some experts have already dubbed content hubs as the future of content marketing. It is because of their ability to provide diversified but carefully curated content for consumption. Apart from blog posts and articles, you can share e-books, research papers and white papers, videos, podcasts, image clippings, infographics and many other types of content. Had they existed in silo, the prospect would have had to look for them separately. Also, it isn’t always easy to piece together different forms of content to understand the relevance or the connection to your common theme. 

A content hub allows that and generates quality leads that initiate actions as per your CTAs. The promotional messages and advertisements also have a better conversion rate since the audience is highly targeted and motivated to consume the content available on the said platform. A content hub could actually combine the aspects of a blog as well as a website sales landing page and outshine them both! 

If you haven’t yet invested in a content hub, you may be missing out on quality lead nurturing and capture. This will directly affect your revenue in the long run. Act before your competitor does!  {content-form}

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