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Why Should You Focus More on Conversion Rather Than Simply Building Traffic?

Are you facing a situation where your website is getting enough traffic but you are failing to drive conversion? It may indicate a need to rethink and tweak your strategies. It needs to be clarified at the outset that you will need to get the balance right if you want to increase your chances for success. 

In certain niches, you may have such a vast number of people whom you can target, but it is just not feasible to target everybody. Also, in some niches, you can reach almost everyone and thereafter simply focusing on building traffic will hit a ceiling and won’t bring you new customers. Trying to convert your traffic from anonymous browsers to sales lead is a viable and sensible alternative. 

What is CRO and how does it work?

The percentage of site visitors who perform a desired action is seen as the rate of conversion of that website. Some of the common actions could be adding products to the cart or the wish list, requesting for more information, subscribing to email newsletters or signing up and filling up a lead generation form, downloading a free e-book, signing up for a free trial, sharing your website content on social media or placing an order on your landing page. 

While a visitor count of 100,000 to your website could indicate that the brand awareness initiatives have been successfully implemented, it could ultimately contribute nothing to your plans of business expansion. A website which gets 1000 visitors and has a conversion rate in the double digits is better than a website which gets 100,000+ visitors but has an exceptionally low conversion rate of say 1% or even less.   

CRO are willingly engaging in such activities that lead to higher participation in these conversion processes. You can also track these conversions using various available online tools. 

In order to optimize the rate of conversion certain actions like writing persuasive and action-oriented sales copies, creating a responsive site with great UI, following the design practices that lead to better conversion, integrating strong call to actions on your multiple landing pages, integrating various points of conversion, choosing an easy to remember and relevant URL, etc can be taken. However, try to focus on one or two actions at every step. The aims could vary depending on the stage or the zone of the sales funnel the target is in. 

Conversion optimization can be achieved quickly

Improving site traffic by creating fresh content from time to time, doing SEO and keyword research, including the various Meta tags, keeping an updated blog, etc can take a lot of time because page indexing can’t be directly controlled by you. However, CRO is relatively quickly and easily achieved by satisfying the expectations of the traffic your website is attracting, you can soon convert them into sales leads and eventually customers. 

Focusing on CRO instead of SEO is also much cheaper. You get the right kind of visitors, people who are motivated and genuinely interested rather than those who have reached out of curiosity but with no real intention to act or simply by mistake. You don’t need to be exceptional. You just need to be better than your nearest competitors to make the audience go with you. Remember, traffic is not the end goal. It is just one small part of the overall aim to increase your sale.

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