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Why Invest in SEO?

Looking for a hotel nearby or perhaps the best online shopping site? No problem, just Google it on your smartphone. Google and other search engines are now an integral part of everyone’s lifestyles. Given the extent of the search engine’s presence in every walk of life, it is not surprising that SEO is a critical business investment. Here are some of the benefits to invest in SEO if you want your business to succeed.

Guaranteed return on investment

Search Engine Optimization can cost very little or more often, is free! Many online tools such as those offered by Google, including Google Analytics or Search Console are free. Using these, you can gain valuable insights on how the web page is performing, the sales conversions and use of keywords to generate traffic. Even when you have to pay for an SEO tool, it is still a good return on investment.

The amount of converts and actions generated online is worth the effort. Besides, investing in SEO is not anywhere as expensive as other marketing tools and strategies.

Meet the customer’s expectations

In today’s fast-paced digital world, if Google cannot find your business, then your business will not be taken seriously! The number of online searches a customer does shows that he or she expects an online presence of your business. Appropriate use of SEO can increase the likelihood of the customer buying your product or service. Studies indicate that about 80% of customers would like to read an online review of a product before buying. Ratings and recommendations online are crucial to the decision-making process. Given these expectations, the customer is likely to go to a competitor if your business is not found online.

Optimal use of social platforms

Facebook and twitter messages are more than social chit chats. The social media offers important insights and opportunities for digital marketing. Meta tags and title tags are linked to the messages and posts shared on such social platforms. Leveraging the exposure provided on such platforms will help you reach your target audience. Likes and shares drive visibility and recognition faster than any other marketing tools.

Building trust and credibility

When it comes to brand building, credibility is everything. A good search engine optimization strategy can give your business just that. If your business makes it to the top of the search results, it begets trust and respect. Being number one on the searches translates to being the best in the business or as the authority on the subject. Of course, having an online presence lets you interact and keep in touch with your customers in many ways.

Virtual and real sales

A study found that 86% customers look on the Internet to find local stores or businesses to buy from. It is clear that SEO can drive not only online but offline sales as well in stores and shops.

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Clever use of SEO can push your business towards success. Do not hesitate to invest in SEO, it is a wise investment. You would definitely be able to reap the benefits.  We're experts in SEO…can we help you?  

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