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Why Should You Consider Influencer Marketing To Boost SEO Efforts?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very minuscule part of your digital marketing efforts to boost website visibility and rankings. As digital media is gaining momentum, different forms of marketing have emerged to deliver meaningful results. One such concept is influencer marketing, which is complementing digital media efforts of marketers in a big way.

What is influencer marketing?

For those of you who are not aware, influencer marketing is marketing form that focuses on identifying key leaders to drive your brand's popularity, and using such leaders to carry the brand's message to larger markets. The concept emphasizes that marketing a brand by inspiring or hiring influencers is more effective than marketing directly to a large group of consumers. 

Influencer marketing goes hand-in-hand with primarily two forms of marketing: content marketing and social media marketing. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter can be leveraged in influencer marketing by inspiring influencers to generate buzz around a brand through their personal social media profiles. The use of influencer marketing in content marketing includes the creation of content for or by the influencers

Why choose influencer marketing to boost SEO efforts?

The primary focus of influencer marketing is to generate a buzz around the brand. This kind of engagement with the help of influencers improves brand visibility in a big way. Influencer marketing exposes a larger audience to your brand, which results in an increase in website traffic, leading to more followers, subscribers and leads. Besides the usual traffic-generation function, influencer marketing should be used to boost SEO efforts for the following reasons:

Stronger influence over your audience

Influencers are thought leaders who influence your key target audience by generating word-of-mouth for your brand. Since they have the keys to your consumers, you are likely to get better insights on your consumers and maneuver your marketing efforts accordingly.

Builds strong link profile

the quality of back links and internal links to your website has a great impact on your search engine ranking. Influencer marketing increases the chances of generating better links to your website, which pushes it higher in the search engine results page. Content creation by influencers, who publish such content on their own website, is another aspect that can help brands in building an impactful link profile. 

Content distribution

Guest blogging by key influencers can create a positive image of the brand before the consumers. Influencers social channels can be leveraged to distribute content and reach potential consumers online. As these thought leaders curate content for your brand, you are likely to see a positive buzz created around your brand.

Diversifying content with videos

Since relevant videos still get preferential treatment, it is the best opportunity for you to diversify your content with videos. A video interview with a key influencer, or audio from a podcast gives a great boost to your website's search visibility. When people search for the influencer, they will find your videos co-branded and optimized, which gives a boost to your website's search ranking.

Adoption by competitors

Since the dynamic scenario of marketing requires you to keep pace with your competitors, you should consider influencer marketing as a part of your SEO efforts because your competitors are also doing the same.

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