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Why is Blogging Important for B2B Marketing Success

Publishing blog posts consistently on your website or your hosted blog space is the best way to gain domain authority, mindshare, a stake in the thought leadership space and of course a formula to keep the Google algorithm happy. Blog posts allow you to reach out to your potential customers by continuously offering value and quality.

The biggest benefit is that unlike a web copy whose primary and usually the only aim is sales conversion, a blog post takes a more subtle approach. It empowers the potential customer. It aims for a top of the mind positioning and a differentiation that helps it stand out. A customer may be strongly advised to take a favorable action but it never feels as if the blog owner is advocating an action simply because it would suit their interests. Rather, it seems that the action is necessary to solve a particular problem that the prospect is facing.

Some benefits that blogs provide

Blogs are inexpensive. You are solely in charge and hence you can make adjustments based on your specific needs. You don’t have to depend on third party sites like social media sites for traffic or conversions. They have their own policies which may not always suit your business. A blog gives you freedom to connect with your clients. You can express and share opinions as well as end speculations and rumors. You can also take up concerns and address them.

This is what helps you build authority and a community of followers who attach importance to your opinions and points of view. Hence, you become an influencer and whether you are promoting your own business interests or some other business, your standpoint is respected.

Let us look at some other benefits:

1. Consistency and a proper presentation give your brand visibility: A blog isn’t a standalone product. It is, in fact, an extension of your brand image and your website. The traffic to both your website and blog should see the connection through your brand building exercises. It should be part of the DNA of your company and a blog should represent the ethos, credo and corporate culture your brand represents. Because of a thriving community, your brand vision and values gets predominance.

2. Blogs provide context: Different types of content would feel disconnected without an underlying context or a theme that bind them together. A blog is usually based on a common theme. This reinforces the brand, creates a perceptible connection between all the different forms of consumable content that you produce and establish you as an authority and a thought leader in your chosen domain. If you consistently produce useful and high-quality content, your clients who are businesses themselves feel assured about quality. This rubs on to the products, services and customer relationship programs and makes the brand even more powerful.

3. Blogs provide SEO benefits: Blogs can be used to channel back your visitors to landing pages on your websites to other social media channels that would otherwise exist in a silo. You can include powerful inward and outward links that have SEO benefits and improves customer satisfaction. You can also include powerful keywords and tags that make your content more visible, more structured, easy to find and easy to chronicle. By helping your customers and visitors move from one piece of content to another or one channel to another freely, you build up their confidence and also get indexed more frequently by Google spiders and crawlers.

A blog is extremely flexible. You can use it to answer questions, use it as a platform where your top level executives can connect with your customers, provide information about your products and services and also use it to clarify your stands on various topical issues. You can also curate content or publish guest posts to build even more domain authority or promote your affiliates and influencers.

In short, your blog becomes the eyes through which your business clients see you!  Can we help you blog?  Get in touch with us!  

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