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Why is Content Still the King

How content is important for your SEO.

As a business owner, you would love to be among the top ranked in Google searches. Both SEO and good content can make that happen. However, can great SEO compensate for bad content? What is the connection between SEO and content? Should you focus on implementing good SEO strategy and ignore content? If you are a business owner, these questions may be on your mind. A simple analogy is how oxygen is as necessary for breathing as are the lungs!

Bad content cannot support the best of SEO, and vice versa. The fact that content is still the king is shown in the recent study by a digital marketing company. The survey showed that more than 77 % of businesses are focusing on more content generation as compared to previous years.

The bottom line is there cannot be good SEO without good content! The two go hand-in-hand and indeed overlap instead of being just connected. SEO is all about technicality but a killer content is what drives the SEO.

What harm can bad content do?

Poor content quality is detrimental to your business and to the SEO strategy, no matter how good it is. Bad or poor quality content impacts the following: 

  • Relevance to target audience
  • The appropriateness of the tone of the content to the audience
  • Length and format of content
  • Keywords relevance in answering the client’s questions
  • Calls to action that is compelling
  • Readability
  • Likelihood of the content getting shares and likes needed

Poor content can be the result of a lack of or ineffective content strategy.

Successful businesses are known to have a well-defined, documented content strategy which identifies the numbers and targets. The numbers include shares, views, conversions and the traffic to the business site. A survey showed that 66 % of successful businesses have a documented content strategy.

Constant updates and fresh, authoritative content will do more for your business than just SEO.

So, why is content still the king?

  • SEO specifies what is required and it is the content that fulfills these.
  • SEO cannot exist without content. Keywords are nothing but the phrases, words, sentences used in the substance of the content. 
  • Using keywords in the relevant article is what content marketing is all about, while SEO analyzes what keywords should be used in the content.
  • SEO can succeed only when the content is top notch and includes relevant links.
  • Everything that SEO does, whether it is meta tags, sitemaps, robots, and so on, is to help people find the content.  Sitemaps make it easy for people to access the content, while robots.txt makes it easy for search engines to find your site. Tags and meta description are to help people get more accurate results based on their searches. 
  • Content that is stale and outdated are not favored by search engines like Google and Bing. Refreshed, original content is ranked higher and gets a pat from Google.

Content matters!

Let our content experts here at Omaha Media Group help you create amazing content!  

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