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Why Is Video Marketing So Popular?

video marketing for social media

What do you think about video marketing? Is it here to stay?

Audiences have already decided that video marketing is a keeper. In fact, this is probably the most powerful tool inside your digital marketing kit.

The visuals, the sounds, and the humanization of your brand help to keep the audiences enthralled by what you have to say. Once they start to listen, you know you have a higher possibility of making your sale.

What makes video the better marketing medium?

Read below to get your answer:

It keeps the audience hooked

Think about it. How many hours have you spent down the dark tunnel of funny cat videos?

Videos have the magical power of freezing your audiences!

The combination of visual imagery and audio is lethal. It can keep the audiences captivated for ages. All you have to do is create content or a story that keeps them curious.

It has to be something gripping enough to make them watch the video till the end. Then in the last few seconds, trigger them with a call to action that they cannot resist.

It keeps your content compact

What takes longer? Is it a Harry Potter movie marathon or a Harry Potter reading marathon?

Unless you have robotic reading speed you will choose the first option. In the same way, your audiences are more prone to click a video than an article. It is because watching videos is less time consuming than reading blogs.

Additionally, videos are able to condense your content and aid it with sound and visual aids. As a result, videos seem more digestible than the unappetizing chunks of paragraphs in your blog.

It has higher chances of going viral

Remember the watermelon dress that went viral last summer?

That simple, innovative, funny camera trick spiked up the sales of watermelons everywhere. At least that is what we hear from our fruit vendors.

Jokes apart!

It is a fact that videos get shared more often than blogs. This is because they are shorter and more engaging. Therefore, businesses have started peppering up their posts with videos. As they feel that not only will their clients watch the videos. They are more likely to share it with others.

In short, with a few clicks, your marketing campaigns would be viewed by millions.

The list goes on…

Apart from this, there are several additional benefits of video marketing campaigns.


Live videos make the audience feel like they are a part of your business

The body language and verbal cues add more of a human element to the videos, and consequently to your brand!

It is easier to communicate without a wall solely of words coming between you and your audience

As a whole, video marketing is a more efficient way to reach your audience. This is why almost every business is making use of it.

Will it dethrone traditional blogging

Stick around to find out!

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