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WordPress Vs HTML Vs ExpressionEngine - Which One Should You Go With?

ExpressionEngine VS HTML VS Wordpress

A website speaks a thousand words. In a world wherein a website can make or break a brand, everyone strives to obtain a perfect website. And creating the best website for any business is a bit of a challenging task. With numerous options being prevalent in the market, in terms of templates, design, and type, it gives room to a lot of dilemmas. 

With the opinions of different experts being bombarded in the digital world, it is clear that there is no right or wrong way. It all depends entirely on the scope of work, requirement, and the nature of the website. To keep it simple, for straightforward and uncomplicated websites, many prefer to use WordPress. But users with advanced needs might prefer to opt for an HTML website, which is sure to have an edge over WordPress. To understand how each of them differs, it is important to know exactly what each one does.


WordPress is a kind of content management system mainly suited for individuals and businesses. It is known to be extremely user-friendly and convenient. It is particularly favored by individuals who have no technical experience. It is much easier to update the website on WordPress, as the user can exercise full ownership and control over the website. This basically means that the user will not need any external help to add pages or update their website. WordPress comes with its fair share of maintenance work, but it is simple to do once you are familiar with the process.


HTML is a markup language which came into being before the invention of the content management systems. Having the ability to being combined with JavaScript and CSS, it is used to create web pages in the digital world. Its maintenance work is low, as are its requirements.

Which is more efficient?

According to various studies and experts, WordPress is the apt CMS for effectively creating websites. It is not only the most popular CMS but also the most preferred one. The content management system is powerful and it is relatively simple to set up a proper SEO structure. And it is quite clear that SEO is the future of digital marketing. WordPress is also financially easier due to lower costs in development. It also has the added advantage of being able to choose from several themes and plugins. This, in turn, will simplify the development process by many folds, while enhancing the usability of the website. It provides an easy solution to website development for anyone.

What are the advantages of HTML?

HTML has its share of advantages as well, such as security. WordPress is subjected to many security related vulnerabilities. It is also an easy target for viruses and spams due to its popularity. In this case, HTML is very secure due to its Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Socket (TSL). HTML is also configured, whereas WordPress isn’t pre-configured. One main factor is that until SEO friendliness is activated, permalinks are numeric on WordPress. HTML sites require relatively lesser maintenance work, as regular updates do not need to be installed. WordPress sites, on the other hand, stop functioning properly unless updated regularly.

What are the advantages of Expression Engine?

ExpressionEngine is a flexible, feature-rich content management platform that is perfect for both business and creative folks.  ExpressionEngine, as we say, gives you the ability to “redesign your home without tearing down the walls”.  You can easily write an article, post events, add staff members of products without them being “stuck” to a page.  Essentially, ExpressionEngine helps make your content future-proof for new technologies, and more importantly, it's secure.  It's mobile-friendly, extensible, powerful, and easy to update.  For us, we'll choose ExpressionEngine every time!

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