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Your Website’s First Impression

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There’s an adage that says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Unless it’s a website.

In this case, it’s judged in 50 milliseconds. In other words, your website needs instantly to make a first impression.

Several factors play a role when it comes first impressions and your website, such as color,  spacing, fonts and photography just to name a few.

Research reveals online searchers immediately scrutinized layouts. When it came to first impressions, feedback shows 94 percent of participants commented on design alone. As for actual content, only 6 percent noticed it on the first impression.

Poor design created a feeling of mistrust in the company. For us at Omaha Media Group, we firmly believe businesses are upheld through trust.

Simply put, a clean, easy-to-use website wins every time. Sure, we all love a little pizzazz and innovation, but not at the expense of a failing first impression.

Font psychology

Font choices and psychology go hand-in-hand in website designs. Fonts convey emotions and can portray a message you were likely unaware of upon reading.

There’s an ongoing joke within the design industry about Comic Sans. Our job, as graphic designers and web design specialists, is to assure your website never has a Comic Sans kind of reputation.

How do you determine the feeling your website conveys based on fonts?
Take time to assess your business through descriptive words.

If your business is contemporary, progressive or trendy, then you should consider using a modern font.

If your business is clean, professional or contemporary, then explore Sans Serif fonts.

If your business is sophisticated, elegant or mature, then script fonts could be right up your alley.

Website Photography

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” per an English language-idiom.

Google agrees.

If it only takes a user 50 milliseconds to judge your site, then understand how your design should feature high-quality photography relevant to your business.  

Did you know:

  1. High-quality images on your website can decrease your bounce rate.
  2. Increased use engagement on your website results in longer visit times for your users.
  3. Longer visits on your website allows more time to sell products and services through images and other content.
  4. High-quality images humanize your brand.

The power of spacing

White space is the area between design elements. White space can be any color, texture, or background image, so long as it gives space.

Giving your website white space allows for balanced and more organized content, resulting in a better user experience. White space is not wasted space. In fact, we’d consider it one of the most valuable parts of your design.

Knowing how quickly a user makes a first impression, white space creates content legibility, quicker interaction, and removes visual clutter.

The takeaway

Website design and developing a solid user experience is what we do best. Designing with trust and your first impressions in mind is a priority for us. When you’re in the planning stages of your new website or fresh website design, we hope you’ll keep these mind!

Ready to update your web presence? Let’s talk about it! Send us a message!

Ready to update your web presence?

Let’s talk about it!

Send us a message!
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