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Zero UI: An Innovative Concept In Design

Zero UI is an innovative web design concept

Zero UI focuses on an interface that cannot be clicked or tapped. It uses much more natural interfaces such as voice and artificial intelligence.  Zero UI focuses more on the concept of invisible interfaces. Zero UI is simply a smaller branch of training computers to understand us on the terms we define rather than vice versa.

How will zero UI affect design?

Zero UI is bound to dynamically change the whole concept of design. It will involve predictive thinking. The designer should be able to think from multiple perspectives and employ thought processes that work from every angle rather than stick to a single line of thought. Until now, UI design has always made use of linear designs. With zero UI, designers will have to use a whole new set of tools and software to handle the non-linear aspects of designing zero UI.

When trying to design an interface based on the concept of zero UI, a designer will have to be aware of certain behavioral data and find out ways to process such data. This means that designers will now have to have ample knowledge in data processing based on biological and psychological aspects.

It is predicted that by the year 2020, nearly thirty percent of all web activities will be carried out without screens. This is a huge leap as far as technology is considered. The surprising thing is that the predicted timeline is not too far from now which means that the work on zero UI has already begun or will probably begin quite soon.

A world controlled by devices that employ zero UI may be hard to imagine. But it will soon evolve to an environment where all systems respond to us in real time by simply tracking our movements and our speech.

Zero UI will evolve through the use of wearables, data analytics, sensors, and a number of other complex concepts. In fact, zero UI will not be limited just to the mobiles we hold in our hand. It can be trained to be used at home, at our workplaces, in our cars, the possibilities are endless.

What does zero UI mean for users?

Zero UI is a concept that is targeted to a better interaction with technology. It is a medium which employs all our senses to give a pleasurable and more intuitive interactive experience.

Zero UI is already in its developmental stages and there are a number of examples. Think about the Amazon Echo which is controlled by voice commands or perhaps the Microsoft Kinect controlled by gestures. All these concepts herald the beginning of an era where the use of screens are more less a diminished outlook.

Zero UI will also reduce a large fraction of the time that we currently spend on our mobiles and our computers. A screenless environment enables users to get on with their lives without the interference of buttons and keypads. This means that we will be able to complete a number of tasks quite efficiently. With Zero UI, devices will begin to respond largely on the basis of contextual data.

What do you think about Zero UI? 

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