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The Difference Between UX And UI Design

What is UX and UI Design

If you are even remotely aware of the digital technology, you would have most certainly heard of the terms UX and UI design that are often used in web designing. While most people like to believe that the twin terms can be used interchangeably, the truth is that both UX and UI are quite different from each other in a number of ways. So, what exactly is it that distinguishes the UX from the UI? Here is a discussion that you might find useful.

What is UI?

The acronym UI stands for User interface design and primarily deals with the tangible aspects of a website such as its design, color, structure, layout and basically the overall presentation of a particular website. It focuses on the way in which a user interacts with a digital system such as a computer or a smartphone. For instance, in a website, the UI design deals with the visual and graphical part of the front end design. The major focus of the UI design is enhancing the look and feel of a website to make it more attractive and appealing to the target audience. It is about creating a visually appealing layout that not only attracts new customers but also serves to keep them engaged. 

The UI design is driven towards establishing a sort of visual communication with the user and creating a seamless design layout that is able to guide him through his journey of interacting with your business. The UI designers are required to make the best use of screen space available and ensure a sort of cohesivity in the various elements including background design, colors, fonts, images, icons and such.

What is UX?

For starters, the UX is an abbreviation for User Experience Design which is pretty self-explanatory. In essence, the UX deals with the type of experience a customer has when he interacts with the more intricate aspects of exploring or buying a product or service. It is a term that defines a user’s interaction with a digital system (computer) on a broader and deeper level. UX is not merely limited to the visual aspect of a web design. Instead, it involves a number of other more abstract aspects such as the overall process a user undergoes in discovering your product, the steps he is required to take in making a purchase, the feelings they have when interacting with your website and so on. It is indeed a culmination of the kind of experience your website offers them and the kind of thoughts with which they leave your website. 

In addition to involving the User interface, the UX is also influenced by a plethora of other factors including the structure and design of website, the content and basically everything that makes a user feel good or bad about a website in general. In a nutshell, the UX is a more focused on creating a fulfilling journey for the user throughout the sale cycle.

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