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3 Ways to Use Facebook Live Streaming Features to Promote Your Business

Live streaming is leading the marketing revolution

Although the live streaming feature has been made available by Facebook only recently after a lot of experimentation, it took no time to catch people’s fancy. Although Facebook live streaming has arrived late on the circuit and had been preceded by the likes of Snapchat, Periscope, Blab and Meerkat, Facebook has a distinct advantage over the others. It has a huge user base that is hard to replicate and has better security features. 

Live streaming has been a boon for marketers. There is a huge scope for growth. You can let your imaginations run amok. Live streaming is the best way to get your prospects involved with your decision-making process, make them aware of your ideas, opinions and perceptions, provide an analysis of an article or event, provide a tutorial or a demo to help them overcome the steep learning curve associated with the use of your product, give them a sneak peek into your everyday business interactions and activities, host a live event or an interview session, take questions and answer them. 

You don’t need to spend hours or days to create the perfect video after using expensive editing software or rack your brains to come up with an interesting blog topic. You can straightaway start streaming a live session. 

Moreover, unlike Periscope, the Facebook live stream doesn’t vanish after 24 hours. After you stop the streaming, you can share it with others like a normal status update or even embed it in your blog. The security settings allow you to target your audience better. You can share your live actions only with your prospects and make your targeting more effective.

Using Facebook live streaming

Answer questions

Through streaming, you can answer the FAQs and specific questions that have been left by your prospects on your company website, in the comments sections of your blog posts, on community chat rooms and forums and whatever may have been shared on the social media using tags that link their questions or opinions to your company. Treat it as another form of content. Try to create and offer value so that the experience proves to be empowering. Also, offer useful tutorial sessions and supply demo videos that discuss specific aspects or features of your product or service and talk at length about the USP of the item and how it can improve the lives of your prospects by solving specific problems. This will give your audience an experience of your brand and its merits. It will also go a long way in the creation of a strong brand awareness and connection.

Host live events

One of the best ways to connect with your audience and earn their respect and admiration is by reporting live from the sidelines of an event sponsored or promoted by your organization and also interacting with people live at the show. You can analyze and talk about products during product launches or from trade shows. You can also do the same if you are a service provider. Just before starting a new scheme, you can announce your service live and also explain all the benefits vis-à-vis your competition. 

Give your company a face

A company never connects with its prospects until and unless it has a credible face. Feature your top executives, managers and general employees in your live streams and make them share their experiences, stories or their take on a particular event or description of a product. 

A business can only stand to benefit using the live streaming feature of Facebook. It is also easy to use. It has been embedded in the status update field and there is no need to search for it or use a separate app. So get started and discover instant success!  Do you want live streaming to be a part of your social media plan?  

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