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4 Reasons Why Podcasting Is An Important Marketing Tool

How podcasts can be an effective marketing tool.

Podcasting is a trend that has become popular since 2004. For those of you who have no idea what podcasting is, it is the distribution of audio or video files through the internet. Podcasting allows digital audio files to be downloaded and transferred to a computer or a media player.

Podcasting has become widely popular for a number of reasons. The best thing about podcasting is that people can listen to all the information they want on-the-go.

If you do not have time to sift through entire pages of information, simply plug in your headphones and listen to your favorite podcast about the subject and you are set to go.

Podcasting is fast becoming a popular marketing tool and here's why.

Podcasts run on forever

One of the most appealing features of a podcast is that it does not have an expiration date. If you happen to have a well-optimized podcast on your website, chances are that it will keep going for a long time.

This, in turn, increases the chances of customer engagement as users download and listen to the same content over and over again.

Podcasts help in boosting organic link building

More often than not, podcasts are transcribed. This means that the audio information is converted to written text in the form of summaries, transcripts, and notes.

The transcripts usually contain relevant links that direct the visitor back to your website. What this means is that podcasts are an excellent way of building your organic links.

In addition, if a podcast is optimized using the right images and content, they are highly likely to increase your organic search rankings especially since a large number of people depend on podcasts for information on a vast variety of topics.

A popular podcast increases your chance of being discovered

If you have a good reputation in podcast directories, it is likely that your podcast will show up when users search for certain relevant keywords and phrases.

If the name of your podcast is in any way relevant to the keywords the user is searching for, it will pop up in the search results page. Thus, a well-named podcast increases the chances of your ranking on the search engine results page.

Podcasts allow businesses to build brand value

Podcasts that are designed with a target audience in mind provides vast opportunities for content marketing. It is an excellent way to build awareness. In addition, bringing core influencers on your podcast adds a level of credibility to your brand.

Customers begin to understand that you can be trusted and this, in turn, builds brand awareness. The more the number of influencers on your podcast, the better is your leverage.

A podcast is usually the last thing people go to when it comes to content marketing. But, podcasting opens up a lot of opportunities to push valuable and unique content. The freedom that a podcast offers its listeners is by itself is enough to include it in your content marketing strategy.

Your users have access to all kinds of information while they are going about their daily life. They don't have to stay chained to their computers or mobiles to access information on the topic of their interest.

Do you want to add podcasting to your content marketing strategy? Let us know!

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