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5 Tested Techniques to Succeed at SEO

Here are 5 proven techniques by leading marketing experts to help you make the best of SEO for business promotion:

1. Utilize end user input for data research

If you think about it, Google isn’t really an advertising company. It is simply a big data enterprise. All the platforms, devices, and tools designed by Google have one primary purpose-to attain user data and utilize it for developing a more powerful system.

The ultimate goal for a business is to boost search traffic by paying attention to the intelligence of the users. In an ideal scenario, the users of your products and services would offer feedback and this will help you understand what kind of content needs to be developed regularly. Remember, the opinion of your user is extremely valuable. It is they who decide whose article, idea, concept or product is worth sharing or funding.

2. Create more infographics and videos

There is sufficient research to prove that KISSmetrics managed to generate 2,512,596 visitors along with 41,000 backlinks in two years by utilizing the power of infographics.

If you’re new to infographics, the simplest thing to do is to find a topic or idea that is currently trending. If people are looking for something, there lies an opportunity for you to create an infographic.

A recent report on online marketing revealed that videos contribute to 62 percent of the total Google searches all over the world. Also, Google now focuses more on blended searches and results. If you are looking to get listed on the first search page, consider incorporating an interesting video into your content.

3. Focus on better-optimized landing pages

Ask any online marketing expert and they would tell you that a good landing page goes a long way in boosting sales and lead generation. A greater number of landing pages means increased gateways for search traffic.

Latest research reveals that nearly 50 percent of all marketers create a landing page when working on a new marketing campaign. The goal is to create a clickable page that offers a brilliant value proposition. There are various ways in which you can optimize a landing page.

For instance, text-heavy pages are ranked high by Google. Also, creating a lengthy tail of keywords is effective in landing page optimization.

4. Create killer description tags and a gripping title

Digital marketing experts inform that description tags and a gripping title could help you get increased clicks in search engine result pages. In order to know what people are clicking on, you need to look at the Adwords ads of keywords. It is possible to utilize copy from such ads and transform your description tags and title into powerful click magnets!

5. Mobile optimization is your ticket to success

According to online marketing research data, there has been a 43 percent increase in the searches done through mobile devices year after year. In addition to this, the recent Google algorithm update ensures that all mobile-optimized sites enjoy a boost in search ranking for mobile searches.

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