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5 Tips to Help You with Email Marketing to Boost Your Holiday Sales

Why do you need to differentiate your messages, particularly during the holiday season?

The holiday season is not only a time of merriment but a time when along with all kinds of spending, discretionary spending also goes up. It is an interesting period for most businesses and even if you don’t sell products that complement the festive mood in particular, you could still get new leads or increase sales conversion because your prospects are in a mood to splurge! 

But with too many businesses setting their eyes on this small “window of opportunity” to either introduce and familiarize themselves and their services to a new lead or inviting old customers and clients to take part in holiday sales and events, it is extremely competitive and everyone has to jostle with others to get the attention of their prospects. So, you will need to stand out. Setting all the right tones for your email marketing campaign is extremely important for the success of your business. 

Email marketing tips specifically for holidays

1. Organize your email database

You may have a vast database and if you don’t organize it periodically, it may be cluttered. Sending messages to invalid email addresses or the ones which are no longer in use is sheer wastage of time and effort. Hence, before starting with the all-important holiday season email campaign, you will need to optimize the list. Try to determine the new addresses of old clients, if they have changed their email ids. This would increase the CTR (click through rate) and also reduce bounce rate which could mean more sale. 

2. Setting the time and other parameters of the campaign right

The message is not the only important parameter that would determine the success of your holiday email campaign. The time at which you send the emails, the number of times you send the same message, the frequency of your messages during the holiday season, the gap you leave between consecutive emails and of course the tone of the messages are also important. Keep the holiday fervor alive even if your products or services are not directed specifically towards the holiday season. Use A/B testing to understand which campaigns are working best and use data from your earlier campaigns to decide whether you should persist with your normal email schedule or change it for the occasion. 

3. Use Holiday graphics in your email

Use Holiday photos, small videos, GIFs, background music or themes with the emails. But, don’t overdo it. It may clash with some cultures and some may conceive your effort as being steeped in overly cultural or religious overtones and take an exception. Hence, just keep the festive fun alive but go easy.

4. Send gifts

Holidays are popular for one more reason. People, young and old exchange gifts in the festive spirit. Everyone likes to get a gift and one way to show how much you care for your old customers, new ones or prospective customers is to send them small gifts like e-books, pay for a free spa session or a webinar or give discounts on every offer. But, keep the offers time bound because this would get your customers to act quickly and positively to your CTAs.    

5. Integrate social media channels with your emails

Prospects who get special offers from businesses during the holiday season often love to flaunt and share them with their friends. Make it easier for them to directly share the email on social media sites. You can also offer additional incentives for sharing. If a recipient shares a message with 5 other prospects and gets a sale of a particular amount, he can avail additional discounts!

Holiday emails can be fun and informative but with an aim to sell without being too aggressive. However, you may have to send more emails during the season than you normally do because it is wrong to assume that the recipients would remember all the dates of important events or the special offers you are making, after just reading your message once. Keep sending the messages in a staggered manner.

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