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Ways to Make Your Birthday Email Program Successful

Birthday emails are powerful marketing tools. Often, they are more effective than normal promotional tools.  The most interesting birthday emails have a far higher click-through rate and transaction than promotional emails.

According to CampaignMonitor, birthday emails have 179% higher click through rates than promotional emails and also generate 342% greater revenue per email than promotional email campaigns. These are not insignificant figures. Most successful companies have a strong email marketing ecosystem and birthday emails are an important part of this system. According to an infographic shared by WhatCounts, 75% of subscribers have a positive feeling towards companies that send them birthday greetings and special offers than those that don’t. 90% email recipients also claim that birthday messages increase their loyalty towards a brand.

Why are birthday emails important?

Birthday emails give marketers the unique opportunity of personalizing an email almost 100%.  The result is that the prospect, lead, or customer feels special and hence takes more interest. He deserves and expects appreciation for the business that he has provided or may provide and wants to feel important. A company can send a high personalized email on his birthday and reinforce his expectations and the value that the company can provide. The email must include gifts or special offers to make the occasion memorable.

Also take this opportunity to renew a feeling of commitment towards your client. Tell him explicitly how much the relationship means to your company and how much you have been benefited by the business that person has provided. Don’t forget to tell him that you hope to hear from him soon and reassure him that your company would be more than happy to serve him again, given an opportunity. You should have clearly defined CTAs in your email, include the subscription and follow buttons to improve chances of conversion.

How to make birthday emails special?

1. Provide them special offers that they can’t refuse

A birthday email should not only wish a subscriber or a customer on his birthday but should also offer special offers like discounts, coupons, cash vouchers that can be used for online shopping or used at brick and mortar stores, offer free shipping, offer irresistible discounts on allied products or combos and set a time limit within which the offer has to be claimed and use innovative designs and visual cues to make the email look different from regular promotional emails.

2. Send it on the actual date of birthday but also send reminder emails leading up to it

There are companies that miss the actual date of birthday and send birthday emails belated. Never do that. Send it on the actual date. You can also send reminder emails saying “Congrats. This is your Birthday month.” You may also include a special offer or two or give the recipient important information about a sale or contest. However, you can send reminder emails after the birthday to stress the urgency of the offer and remind him that the offer may expire.

3. Make the offers relevant and thank them after redemption or fresh purchase

Along with the need to make the offer timely, a birthday email should also send offers which are relevant to the occasion. Make the person feel special and make offers that seem grander than usual. Send follow-up emails and thank them for redeeming their loyalty points, using their special offers or for making a purchase.

Birthday emails often endear a customer to a brand. Relationships don’t always begin with a successful conversion. It is just the breaking of the ice. A long-term relationship often begins with a birthday wish. Many customers feel pleasantly surprised and warm up to a brand because of the personalized nature of the content of a birthday email and the excellent offers. Make it the cornerstone of your email marketing campaigns.

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