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Common Blogging Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

Blogging is an essential tool for driving user engagement and gaining useful customer insights.  Your blog can also help you to connect with your peers and other social media opinion leaders, an important aspect of modern marketing strategies. Blogging is also extremely important from the SEO perspective. A blog that is regularly updated gets crawled quickly and it can achieve a commendable domain authority in no time. Using the right keywords, using the right meta tags and meta description are all important for improving the blog’s as well as the website’s rank.

When a blog post gets positive feedback in the comments section of the blog or gets shared or referred multiple times on the social media, your website gets benefited massively. Hence, you have to ensure that you keep your blog posts free from such mistakes that can jeopardize its chances of getting a good rank and thus limit its visibility and interactivity.

Mistakes you need to be aware of when creating a blog post

1. Stop plagiarizing from other blogs

It is true that blogs that get regularly updated have a higher probability of ranking better. That is why many bloggers make it a point to schedule their blog posts in a way that new posts get added frequently. However, it is not always easy in every niche. Plus writers very often face writer’s block and lack of creativity or motivation issues. There is a tendency for many to plagiarize or come up with a topic very close to what someone has already written. You could not only attract a penalty from the search engine but also attract legal action from the blog from which content was copied. It will become counterproductive.

2. Lack of proper research

Lack of research is never encouraged when publishing posts for company blogs. While off-the- cuff posts are appreciated sometimes, it has been seen that those with good research usually rank better and get more link backs as well as get shared. Most people read a post to get informed or to get educated and a post written without proper research would have too many loopholes. It won’t be substantive.

3. Not having guest blogs or curated content

One of the best ways to get backlinks is to have bloggers from your niche write for your blog. It adds a breath of fresh air to your blog and adds a new perspective. Links also get exchanged in a white hat manner that is great for SEO. Curated content is great because it solves the problem of coming up with new posts every week or fortnight and also helps you to get inward links as well as favor from your fellow bloggers. You will also have to return the favor by writing for other blogs.

4. Not inviting comments or replying to the comments

If you have a comments section on your blog, you have to make the most of it. You will have to encourage the readers to give you objective feedback. Make it a point to reply to as many comments as possible and try to personalize the interactions by using first name and create incentives for those who comment regularly. You can also get inward links in the comments section. Getting divergent opinion is very important if you want to improve your blog or make it meet the expectations of your target audience.

5. Not using the right or optimized images

Images and alt tags are extremely important. Hence, it is important to use images that complement your copy as well as get you SEO benefits. Don’t forget to use keywords in the alt gas and image captions. Use the right size and color too.

Blogging mistakes can often trigger the self-destructive mode. One silly mistake and you won’t find your page among the top 10 search results. You will have to be vigilant and evaluate your blog regularly to eliminate all errors and stay updated.

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