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Common PPC Campaign Mistakes and Their Solutions

Are you still trying to fathom why your last PPC campaign failed? Do you want to know the factors that determine the success of a PPC campaign? Then you have come to the right place. You need to understand PPC ad campaigns and get your strategies right if you want to see quantifiable results.

What are PPC advertisements?

PPC or pay per click advertisements are native advertisements that appear on the top, right or left of a web page and whenever a target clicks on the ad, the marketer has to pay a fixed amount to the website owner.

On the other hand, to avail the advertising services of top search engines like Google’s Adwords, the marketer usually has to bid for a keyword or key phrase that research suggests would be relevant to their target market. Every time, a similar or matching key phrase is typed into the search field of the search engine, this ad would appear along with the list of organic results.

Sometimes, instead of separate ads on the sides, a sponsored content link may appear when a particular keyword or key phrase appears in a search query.

How to avoid these mistakes?

1. Getting the copy wrong

You may have believed so far that PPC ads don’t give you enough space to craft a masterful copy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Lack of space doesn’t mean the copy doesn’t hold importance. The copy will need a credible and powerful headline and also a compelling copy. The CTC and the USP will have to be clearly posited. Don’t oversell the copy. Also don’t mislead the target. Claim only what you can offer. If you use chicanery, even if you manage to lead him to the landing page, he would bounce out if your offer doesn’t match his expectations. Don’t try to stuff your copy with too many keywords because it would be counterproductive and leave a bad impression. Think about the reader’s convenience first.

2. Not using negative keywords in you campaign

Negative keywords are those words or phrases for which you don’t want your ad or sponsored content to appear among the search results. Not using negative keywords would mean that your ad is not properly targeted. If your product is meant for teenagers, you want to interact with them. Getting queries from those belonging to other age groups won’t help you because they won’t convert. Moreover, you will have to still pay if they click your link and this will unnecessarily hike your expenditure.

3. Not narrowing your keyword search criteria

Bidding for broad match keywords is a waste of money. You must remember that the majority of your conversions would happen through a small net of well-targeted keywords. Also, identify the keywords from your campaign that haven’t produced much result over a period of time. Filter them out from your list of keywords.

4. Not having the landing page content and design in order

Even if you manage to get your target to click or boxed advert or link, it won’t produce results until and unless your landing page looks appealing. Spend time on getting the design, CTA, content, CTA buttons and the overall feel right. Even if your landing page doesn’t lead to sale, try to get other conversions like getting the target to subscribe for a newsletter, blog or living his details for your CRM, etc.

Don’t step testing your campaigns. Also, don’t have a static PPC campaign. Keep changing and experimenting if results are not produced. But, you will need to be patient to see significant results.

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