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How to Create a UI Framework

Building framework for UI design.

The User interface or UI is the interactive platform on a device. It is inextricably related to user experience and is thus the first make or break factor for many web-based companies.

A UI designer is assigned the task of a seamless user experience which will also have great functionality elements for the purpose of business growth. UI framework helps with the creation and modification of User Interface. 

To create the UI framework which will work best for you:

Continuously evaluate the framework – At the development stage, it is always better to keep testing the strength of the framework. Keep in mind if you change one component, it may change other components as well. In order do away with errors, practice what is called stress-testing. 

UI design components – There is strength in simplicity. Make use of the simplest components the most. Keep your options open for many. It is far easier to manipulate a simple design than to work with the complex ones

You can have your own framework – You do not have to start from scratch as you may use Bootstrap to start with and you also do not have to code much or even, not code at all.

A design framework will help you with communication management, increase time efficiency, and successfully collaborate with the product and designer team. The scope of inconsistencies will be less. Updating a design will be much easier. 

Keep it stylish – Use of one style will limit your possibilities of growth. Keep elements that can be merged to give rise to different varieties of style; that way, your client will have many options to choose. 

Pay attention to details – The problem with the pushed button is a common UI problem. Use light effects to convey the status of being pushed or not. 

Make provisions – Everybody makes options for simulated protrusion as well as indentations in their framework. You can stay ahead by incorporating the ‘flat’ option. 

Keep learning – CSS works great but try to use your own creativity. Calculative risks are for the bold and more often than not, very rewarding.

Pop-ups – When you include pop-ups, you must learn to use it to the advantage in under or overplaying content according to its priority. 

The device question – One framework for all devices and browsers is a difficult goal to attain, especially for the older versions. It would be great if you can incorporate solutions that are browser-specific. To narrow options, you can target devices with CSS class options only. 

It is also imperative that you have a generous distribution of patterns across categories. The more exhaustive your framework will be, more the design options you will have access to with amazing readiness.

Once you develop a great framework, you will be rewarded by having your own style guide to follow. The framework will let you easily incorporate elements as and when required. 

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