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6 Actionable Tips For A Successful UI Design

Success with UI Design

User Interface design or UI design is one of the most important aspects of developing a website.  User experiences are one of the key aspects in driving traffic to a website and it is only natural that the UI design is simple, dynamic and user friendly. When it comes to UI designing, there are a couple of things that a designer must keep in mind.

Designing with clarity

While designing a UI, it is important to put yourself in the shoes of the visitors. Think like them. Clarity is one of the most important aspects of any UI design. Users will drift away from the elements of a website that they don't understand.

Clarity in design is important in keeping your visitors engaged. No one tries to find out what they should be doing on a website unless it is absolutely necessary.

Maintaining simplicity

There are a number of design trends in UI. But, the important thing is to keep it simple. Think from a customer's perspective and add only the essential elements. Over complicated design can interfere with user experience. Remember, quality of user experience is what matters. Unnecessary clutter on your website can cause users to drift away from the website.

Pointing out the preferred action

Most users prefer a website which gives them explicit instructions on what they are supposed to be doing next. No one likes to be left wondering what they are supposed to be doing. While designing UI, try to include elements that will indicate the preferred action for the ease of the customer. This is especially important in case of new users. Instructions on preferred action is extremely helpful to new users and can help them navigate the website better, thus accounting for a quality user experience.

Be consistent in your design

Consistency throughout the website plays a great role in enhancing user experience. Users find it easier if a similar pattern is followed everywhere in the website. Consistency increases the usability and reliability of your website. Consistency makes navigation easier for your users and increases the efficiency of your website.

Provide clear feedback

Clear feedback greatly improves user experience by helping the users feel as though they are more in control of any action that is taken on the website. For instance, Gmail is one of the best examples of how clear feedback helps users. Gmail provides clear notification when sending an email, deleting an email, and so on. This is one of the reasons why Gmail is one of the most popular email inboxes.

Break down complex steps into smaller, more actionable steps

Many a times, an action that needs to be taken can be quite complex. Users find it much easier if such complex actions are broken down into several smaller tasks that are much easier to execute. This has a great impact on user experience. In addition, showing a progress bar that marks the completion of each task is again, an important element in UI design.

Breaking down complex tasks can help the user to complete it quickly and more efficiently.

Let us help you with a UI design that will be easy for your users! 

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