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How You Can Leverage Twitter To Generate Revenue for Your Business

Twitter is a powerful social media tool that increases not only your brand awareness but also strengthens your networks. It can be used to reach out to well-targeted prospects and turn them into leads. It can be used to run an influencer marketing program. 

You can keep in touch with your affiliate partners and importantly change your business strategies through real-time listening. You can start powerful trends using hashtags and also take note of trends and see what they mean for your business. 

You can position yourself as a thought leader and take clear positions on important social issues, thus establishing a strong connect with your audience and also shaping up the way you are perceived. You can mix your professional and personal outlook in the open and come across as personable. This allows you to put a face on your business without coming across as too personal.

But the most important advantage of Twitter is that it is a cool revenue generator as well. Apart from the above-mentioned advantages of Twitter which can impact the sales bottom-line of your company, it is itself a money spinner and can be used to increase your revenue. 

How can Twitter generate revenue directly?

Twitter is a magnate for new customers. Even the way your community interacts with the hashtags promoted by you can help you find something new about your prospects. You can also encourage them to take the conversation offline or on other social media channels easily and also get access to their email addresses. So, you can generate leads and then follow up on your hottest leads constantly so that you don’t miss out on a sales opportunity. After Twitter’s partnership with Google took off, it was said that more tweets would be indexed meaning more people will be able to view your websites and other related online platforms. This will help you with lead generation further and would also translate to more business.

Twitter also provides the power and convenience of immediacy. This means that you can track people’s conversations to see how and why the name of your brand has been mentioned. If needed, you can provide more information to the person or community where you were being discussed and by sharing relevant information at the exact moment when it was being sought, you can increase your chances of sales and conversion. While today, only a small percentage of companies respond consistently and quickly to tagged conversations, even fewer respond to organic mentions. You can both increase your appeal and visibility by reacting to organic mentions of your brand by acting quickly and smartly.

Twitter is a great place to promote and get instant recognition, response and traction from your prospects. Talk about an upcoming event, start a contest and give out free passes to winners or offer discount coupons to your followers so that they visit your nearest physical store to make purchases. Set a deadline or a timeframe within which an offer would be available or a contest would be run and the speed of off-take would increase further. The appeal of the event or the offer would increase too.

You can start a conversation relevant to your business or a new product and then direct your community members to the landing pages on your website for quick conversions. You can also embed links and images in your tweets. 

Twitter may no longer be the fastest growing social media website but is still very powerful when it comes to brand visibility, direct interactions with potential customers, crisis management and also for generating a lot of sales. Let us start helping you with your Twitter strategy!  

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