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Instagram vs. Facebook the Better Marketing Avenue

Is Facebook or Instagram better for your business?

Facebook boasts to host 1.3 billion active users every day

On the other hand, Instagram has 300 million users.

Marketing gurus have been placing their bets on Instagram but Facebook’s wide reach has been pulling your strings. 

Hasn’t it? 

This is the common dilemma every new digital marketer faces. In fact, this is something every marketing team debates over in their annual budget meetings. 

What is the right choice for our business? Where should we invest?

What do you do when you invest in something? Research, research, and some more research.

Here is our take on the never-ending social media battle:

Round One: Space

Facebook is the oldest social marketing gig. 

To think about it, this is the kind of the daddy of all social media platforms right now. This is the biggest platform you will get to launch or showcase your business. We have already mentioned the wide reach you get by logging in here.

What does it get you?

  • Access to a large audience
  • A chance to tell your story in unlimited words
  • A platform to let people debate 
  • A medium to direct customers to your website/product/blog

On the other side, we have the world's newest sweetheart Instagram.

Instagram may lack followers but it has something Facebook can't anymore-The space to grow bigger and better than the old social app. This is why everyone who is anyone wants a piece of this scrumptious ‘in progress’ marketing place.

What does it get you?

  • A highly active audience
  • The place to speak through pictures
  • A medium to track all trends
  • The hippest platform for customer interaction

However, it still restricts you from posting external links with your photos. Thus, it creates a minor setback in the customer’s journey to your store.

Round Two: The Target

Do you know how you can sell well? 

By tapping into the right demographic!

This is why your target audience must be the key factor in deciding which social media platform you invest in.

Facebook is the residency of baby boomers.

These people witnessed the social giant emerge. Many may have taken their sweet time in getting the hang of it but they are logged in now forever!

This is why if your business caters to an older generation of customers, it is best that you stay rooted on Facebook. These old souls like the big bold words from the company and the intimate feel of the place.

What if you want to connect with the youth?

The millennials have been kicking around on the Instagram playground.

When the kids got bored of the family invasion on Facebook they moved over to the younger app. This social media allows you to get their attention through visual explosions. You don’t need many words, just hashtags to get these guys interested.

Round Three: The Verdict

On the whole, both social giants have their pros and cons. 

Your choice should depend on your target and the way you plan to promote your business. After all, you will go nowhere on the media front if you feel uncomfortable in your interactions.

Additionally, we suggest you try both versions on and see what fits you best. Maybe you will love them both? No matter which profile you choose. 

Do you Facebook or Instagram?

We want to know!

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