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Intern Story : Steph

I began working with OMG in 2016 as a graphic design intern as a final requirement for graduation from Wayne State College. All of the information I had learned in my classes was now being put towards real life clients! My work at OMG began with small projects, such as Facebook banners and images for social media posts; and as time went on, I began to take on larger projects, such as website concepts, logo design, and print media.

The one thing I especially enjoy is the variety of work that I get to do, as our clients’ needs vary. My internship allowed for growth in my design skills. I have been able to create graphics that I previously had almost no experience in, such as animation, as well as things that I had no experience in, such as 3D printing. My basic design skills have also grown immensely as I get to explore modern styles and techniques.

After my internship was over and I was hired on full-time with OMG, my job has given me the opportunity to experience the latest tech, most recently in a trip to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), as we are always looking to stay ahead of the game. I get to be actively involved with clients, through strategy sessions and brainstorming meetings. I have creative freedom and we always make room for some fun!

My experience as an intern, and now as a full time employee, was an easy transition as the team here is easy to work with and always willing to help. I look forward to work each morning and am so glad to have the opportunity to work with such a great company!

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