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Is your social media marketing strategy wrong? Pt. 1

Is your social media marketing strategy wrong? Pt. 1

Slapping together a social media marketing strategy is super simple, right? What could be difficult about it? It’s just a matter of putting your products and services on Facebook, right?

Unfortunately, no. There’s so much more to it than meets the eye!

What is social media marketing?

A social media marketing strategy places content on a discoverable platform online, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media marketing is a great way to distribute content, engage with a targeted audience and participate in a little social listening. As much as social media is about putting content out into the world, it's also about receiving it to see what the public is talking about.

One of the largest misconceptions about social media marketing, however, is that it's cheap and easy to do. If your grandma can manage her facebook page and the President can publicly post on Twitter, anyone can do it!

Yes, a social media marketing strategy is generally more affordable than traditional marketing tactics, but there is some serious expertise that needs to go with it. Why? Your social reputation relies on it in our modern times.

Believe it or not, there are several factors that go into a successful strategy. And just as there are ways to make it successful, there are ways to meet the demise of what your business shares online.

Why is social media marketing beneficial?

There are several benefits to social media marketing. The best part of having a professional strategy tailored to your business is being able to set goals to reap those benefits.

1 - Web traffic driver!
Per the 80/20 rule, it’s recommended that twenty percent of one's time should be spent creating content, while eighty percent of your time should be spent promoting it. Naturally, this is where social media comes in. Sharing content on social media is the perfect way to drive traffic to your website!

2 - Listen to the people!
We talk a lot about social listening. Social media platforms are often overlooked for awesome, relatable inspiration. Now, we’re not talking inspirational quotes here. We’re talking about observing what your audience is talking about. The content they’re engaged with and sharing. You can even search for keywords on social media where you can read up on what the community is saying. It’s an amazing tool!

3 - Over the sales pitch!
Consumers understand that brands want your business. For example, the kiosk in the mall selling Dead Sea lotion. We see the kiosk from across the Dillards exit. We know he wants to sell us lotion. He wouldn’t have a kiosk otherwise. But when he pulls us aside and tries to sell, sell, sell - we’re instantly over it, right?

Social media provides a “kiosk” where you can hang out and not bombard your audience. Everyone appreciates it.

There are so many positives about social media marketing! But did you know that many social media strategies carried out by businesses are completely wrong? On Friday we’ll tell you the social media no-no’s that could be hurting your business online!

Do you need social media marketing?Do you need social media marketing?

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