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The 80/20 Rule and Social Media Marketing

How social media marketing must utilize the 80/20 rule.

What is the 80/20 Rule?

The 80/20 Rule comes from the Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto, who emphasized that the majority of wealth is controlled by 20% of the population.

How does the 80/20 Rule pertain to Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is all about creating community and maintaining a relevant brand identity. First, you must build your relationships, then grow your audience. However, your social media marketing strategy shouldn’t solely be about you…it’s about the audience you are trying to engage.

With the 80/20 Rule in social media marketing, 20% of your strategy will produce 80% of your results. To elaborate, 80% of your marketing content should be entertaining, educational, or informative geared toward your particular audience. This content should be your best effort at building the relationship and trust between you and your following.

When you deliver great, informative content, you are building the trustworthy foundation your audience needs to identify you. While it’s important for your audience to know your services, it’s important for them to know your brand’s personality as well.

The key to your 80/20 social media marketing plan is to avoid sounding too much like a “cheesy car salesman” too often. As a whole, we can agree that audiences enjoy content that is interesting and provides value to them.

It’s important to share content that encourages your audience to react and engage, often made easier with the help of Social Media Influencers. Sharing other content from trustworthy sources is another excellent way to display expertise in your industry.

The Other 20%

Only 20% of your Social Media Marketing should be self-promotional and brand related. This includes the products and services you offer, discounts, specials, etc. Your content should be compelling, persuasive, and use a call to action, telling your audience what their next step is.

Take extra time to review your past posts to identify which are driving the most traffic, likes, shares, and overall engagement. By sharing similar content, you will start bringing in positive results with your marketing efforts.

Utilize posts that are performing well by recreating similar content or pinning it to the top of your social media channels. Repurposing popular content into new forms is also an excellent way to introduce your products and services with added success.

Overshooting the 20% on a regular basis can be the kiss of death on social media. Not only will it bore your visitors, but also ruin your sales efforts before they even get started.

The main takeaway with the 80/20 Rule is not to be too self-serving. Be of value to your audience with useful information, and you will become a trusted source of information as well as goods and services. Create a community and only promote when necessary.

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