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Omaha Media Group is proud to announce the launch of the brand new Trego-Dugan Flight Operations Portal. The launch comes after an eight month development project to create a centralized and secured  intranet operations portal.

Trego-Dugan Portal Intranet

The new Trego-Dugan Flight Operations Portal is build on Omaha Media Group's own proprietary intranet system named Monstranet. Montranet is build on a PCI Compliant standard and houses custom build reporting engines, an external/internal communication system, a content management system, and dynamic department housing system, among many many other features.

We not only led the development efforts of the Trego-Dugan core intranet framework, we custom designed their backend flight operations and management software and executed the new more reporting engine strategy among many many other custom features. We wish we could brag elaborate more but we can't, just know this is some of the most advanced technology for their industry.

We want to be the first to welcome Trego-Dugan into their new flight operations home.

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