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PART 2 - What is micro marketing and why your small business needs it

PART 2 - What is micro marketing and why your small business needs it

On Monday we reviewed what is micro marketing and how small businesses can utilize it in their digital marketing strategy.

Micro marketing focuses on a small group of highly targeted consumers. By marketing towards such a specific group of people, your business is placed in front of the direct audience you’d like business from.

Micro marketing can take many forms and many trials, but once you’ve found the one that works for your business, the benefits can be substantial!

When answering the question, “what is micro marketing,” it’s easiest to answer by way of types of micro marketing.

Types of micro marketing for your small business


This micro marketing strategy is directed at an audience of people you and your business already directly knows. This audience can include business contacts you’ve established over your years, people you’ve met at conferences, trade shows, in college, etc.


Types of micro marketing in local areas can go a million different ways. Primarily, a local micro marketing strategy is focused on people in a specific area. This can mean promoting to a specific city, zip code, neighborhood, or even a business location where your audience tends to gather.

Brand Loyalty

This targeted market is for consumers already loyal to your brand. This audience has purchased your products or used your services in the past and you’d like to keep them coming back. What is micro marketing when it comes to brand loyalty? Maintaining a recurring customer.

Damage Control

All businesses have high points and low points. Sometimes customers keep coming back and sometimes they never return. A micro marketing strategy focused on promoting to the customers you’ve lost along the way is a good way to try and win them back. Maybe they forgot about you, maybe they found someone else. Either way, doing whatever you can to regain their business is a win.

Customer Needs

Types of micro marketing will always be based around your customer, that’s no mystery. But specifying what exactly they need from you will help reel in the leads. When a digital marketing expert like ours considers a customer’s needs for your business, we research things like functionality, price, convenience, experience, and the level of trust your consumer needs.

Out of all of the types of micro marketing used for a business, this one just might be the most important in our eyes.

Advantages of these types of micro marketing

Marketing in your niche market can have great advantages. Instead of trying to find a number of consumers that might be buyers, you’re working with the consumers you know can turn into buyers.

For example, if you’re a landscaping business, you will have greater success micro marketing to a suburban neighborhood full of homeowners as opposed to a neighborhood full of apartment renters.

What we love about micro marketing is that is simply makes sense, there’s less competition and you can save on your marketing dollars.

Disadvantages of these types of micro marketing

Micro marketing can take a little extra trial and error, requiring patience on both the business and digital marketer’s side. However, once the right niche audience has been found, the growth will come.

Lastly, it’s just a matter of time before competition reers up. When marketing to such a specific audience, new competition can make a little ripple in your success. However, that’s why it’s important to increase your brand awareness and maintain your relevance simultaneously with your marketing strategy.

And that’s where a digital marketer, like us, comes in. We have the resources to market your business, build brand awareness, show company transparency all while keeping your business relevant in the industry you service.

So - what is micro marketing? To us, it’s an opportunity builder.

For more information on how our digital marketing team can build a micro marketing strategy for your small business, get in touch with us! We’d love to talk about your niche market!

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