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Removing Emotion in Business: Help or Hinderance?

I was always told to keep emotion out of business.

To a certain extent I agree and, in fact, it is a way of survival. However, removing emotion from my client relationships has never been the answer for me. Businesses themselves do not have emotion, but people do.

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For the majority of my adult life my profession has been some form of relationship management. I can tell you that my skill set did not come from my Organizational Communication Degree and certainly not from keeping my emotions out of business entirely, it came from the intuition of connecting on a human-to-human level in each client meeting, no matter who the client was. Often times, I was able to see what the customer needed before they knew it themselves. The end goal was finding out what mattered to each client on an emotional level and reassuring them that they could not only trust me, but that I would become an extension of their business and I would represent them as if it was my own last name on their business card, website, or on the side of their building. It is not just a job where a product is sold or a service rendered, but about forming long term relationships and becoming a part of their brand.

Gone are the days when work is strictly work. Client relationship management has become a personal thing. In this day and age where technology is quickly removing the personal touch of handshakes, a smile and human face-to-face contact out of our everyday interactions, especially in the business world, emotion is needed more than ever.

Removing Emotion in Business: Help or Hinderance?

Zig Ziglar said, “The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity.” I have tried to remember that aside from your rates, years in business, flashy brochures and fresh pressed business suit, that the client knows you have integrity. All other factors will only get your foot in the door, but without integrity, the door will quickly close behind you.

“Marketing Metrics notes that the probability of getting business from a new prospect is 5-20% whereas getting business from an existing client is 60-70%.” - The Web Designer

Trust brings higher returns at lower costs and effort. Fear drives us to think we cannot be completely transparent with our customers and that we must put up a facade in order to attract people to our business. People can sense authenticity and often when that is missing, they walk away with a general feeling of being sold something fake and not worth investing their time and money in.

What we crave is something real, something we can stand behind that reminds us of a time when we supported the local corner market and knew the family behind the counter and trusted their products, prices and quality. A time when you knew their names, history, children’s birthdays and stopped to exchange friendly conversation. This does not have to be a thing of the past, nor should it be. Human relationships are the key to long-term successful partnerships with your clients. If you get that right, along with all the other key elements of a great business partnership, you will be an industry leader in no time.  

Removing Emotion in Business: Help or Hinderance?

So is removing emotion in business a help or a hindrance? You can be the judge of that, but I personally will keep emotion in my business toolkit.

What do you think? Share your own perspective in the comments below.

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