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Social Media: Building Familiarity, Trust, and Likability

Familiarity. Trust. Likability.

Omaha Media Group knows that building a reputation based on these three important qualities is the key to building long standing strategic relationships with clients. We are all utilizing social media to accomplish connections in business, but step back and think about how you build them offline and in person with your clients and customers. Building them online is very similar. Here are some helpful tips to establish long-standing business relationships through social media.

Be Present: Give people a reason to invest in the relationship. If you do not prove you are sticking around and connecting regularly they won’t have a reason to stay. We regularly engages with our Monster Family through helpful blogs and other valuable information posted on our website, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We want to make sure our network and clients know they can continually receive updates and think of us as their business partner.

Keep It Human: Be real, authentic, and empathetic with your business connections. Be everything you would expect from your own interactions with people. When you are engaging with people on social media, it is best to assume all interactions are public. At Omaha Media Group, we like to show our connections updates with the business and add a personal touch as well. Our blogs have bios of the authors so that our connections can get to know us on a human level as well as receive helpful trusted information.

Add Value: Its great to make friends by being congenial, but you are a brand. You are building a vital network for your company. Adding value will ultimately make you wanted in your community. Omaha Media Group regularly posts information on topics we feel is beneficial to our clients and extended network as well as potential clients. We want our clients to know they can come to us for information they can go back and use right on the job.

Stay Current: During tragedies and solemn times, turn off your marketing messages. Your timing will be seen as insensitive and could cause backlash against your brand. Omaha Media Group will post topics relevant to what is going on in the community and industry at large. You will often find important trending topics relevant to the needs of our clients and extended network. If something big is going on in our industry that we feel our clients need to know, we will make the information accessible. We want our clients and network to look at us as a trusting and dynamic repository of useful information.

Off-Topic: It is okay to go off topic every now and then. If it is always based on marketing your brand, people will be turned off. Keep it relevant, but avoid using the same marketing tactics with each message. We like to acknowledge holidays or even ways we have fun in our office environment at Omaha Media Group to avoid becoming stagnant. Mix things up, have fun with it. Make it ever-changing and interesting for your network to feel a part of your company.

Do Not Exclude: You do not want to treat a select few differently so that the rest of your network feel like outsiders. Strive to make everyone you interact with feel like they are a part of your company. Omaha Media Group caters to clients in a wide-range of industries from e-commerce, banks, schools, auction sites, medical staffing, real estate, social networks and beyond so we want to make sure our information is useful to everyone including potential clients and our network as a whole.

Investing in your network of relationships needs to be long-standing and show commitment and reliability in your brand. Be consistent and know the more you invest, the more you will get back from your business connections. No matter which platform you are using, the value of social media is found in the conversation. You are engaging your clients and potential customers with the information you are providing. Omaha Media Group values our family of clients and network connections and strives to become an extension of their business.

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