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The Importance of Social Media in Business Marketing

Businesses need social media marketing

Today's era is the digital one, where anything can happen over the Internet. Almost everyone has access to the Internet, except for the ones living in very remote areas. A huge number of people use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. So, it would be a great platform for companies to promote themselves and expand their business.

The growing reach of social media

A recent study came up with a statistic that more than half of the world's Internet users are on Facebook. Facebook is the social media giant, followed by Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. A massive number of people log into these social networking sites for various purposes.

Taking this into account, numerous companies use them as a means to enhance their company's reach and popularity. Companies create an account on these websites and use them as an online platform to recruit new employees as well. A study shows that 85% of well-established companies use social media to promote their company and 50% of them have been doing it for the past 3 years. More than half of them are known to post on a daily basis!

According to a study, Facebook is the most commonly used social networking site, with a utilization rate of 93%. It is followed by YouTube and LinkedIn, which are at 43% each.

Pros of using social media for marketing

  • Social media is pretty inexpensive. All it requires is an Internet connection and good content for the company to post. Most social media platforms are free.
  • It is effective. It reaches a large number of target audience. Most importantly, it takes minimal time and less effort. According to a study by Forbes, 94%  of business corporate use social media and 85%  agree that social media is giving their company the required exposure.
  • It is the best tool for branding. Small companies which are looking to get exposure can use them effectively. About 83% of customers prefer to connect to a brand on Facebook. Brands which surface newly can gain the much-required exposure they need, as many customers take the help of social media to get an opinion or review about what they're buying.
  • Social media plays a major role in customer acquisition. According to market research, 52% of marketers acquired customers via Facebook, 43% via LinkedIn, and 36% via Twitter.
  • It acts as a two-way communication tool. Businesses can interact with customers directly through interactive sessions.
  • It is a great way to boost the sales of a company. More exposure means more sales for the company.

An absolute necessary

Social media is a booming platform for businesses to expand to a whole new level. A few years ago, this would've been debatable. But now, it's very evident. 86% of marketers agree that their business has been benefited by social media and 89% of them agree that they've got the exposure that they needed via social media.

It proves that social media helps expand a business and is one of the easily available means that a company can utilize.

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