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Twitch: It’s actually a marketing lesson.

Twitch: It’s actually a marketing lesson.

It’s safe to say for all marketing companies Omaha Media Group included, the internet has swiftly evolved into more than an informational highway - but into a serious avenue of revenue. We’ve talked about everything from ecommerce sales to answering the popular question, “How do YouTubers make money?” What we know about them all is that in some way, the internet provides ways for just about anyone (with the right luck) to make a dollar.

Now, while more modern and “Gen Z” ways of making money online can be a bit (ok, a lot) foreign to the masses over the age of 30, we do think it’s an interesting concept to explore. Especially if you’re in a business that could flourish from marketing your products in a unique way.

Previously we wrote a pretty interesting blog on how do YouTubers make money. There we learned about Influencer marketing and creating a cash flow by simply promoting a product for money. We also talked about ad revenue, sponsorships and other ways other marketing companies Omaha could utilize such a platform. If you haven’t read that blog, we highly recommend it. It was an interesting insight to a world many don’t explore!

Just when we thought we covered all the bases of making money in a way most adults don’t understand, then Twitch comes along. You read that right - Twitch. Not a sudden jerky movement - a live streaming platform for gamers.

Similar to influencers live streaming on YouTube, Twitch is solely dedicated to the $135 billion dollar gaming industry. While to some, this seems like a silly “immature” way to spend one's time, livestreaming on Twitch is an insanely powerful way for game-makers to market their game launches!

So much so, rumor has it that EA, a digital entertainment company, paid a popular Twitch user $1 million to play Apex Legends on a live stream for a few days. Sure, this might seem like a ridiculous amount of money to spend on one person playing a game, it can reel in 5,000 to 200,000 views at one time. It’s safe to say for all marketing companies Omaha Media Group included, that it’s a solid return on investment for marketing dollars. You’re not just promoting to a random audience, you’re promoting to a directly targeted one. And that’s a smart, highly effective plan.

Moreover, live streaming a product in such a way promotes a new level of trust that “old school” written reviews doesn’t seem to have. With live streaming, audiences see a face and can directly interact with the influencer. Why? People trust an actual person over a written page any day. Streamers feel like a community - not just a staff of people making reviews.

If anything, the connection consumers feel with live streamers shows marketing companies that we need to focus on humanizing the products and services of those we serve. Human connection is what consumers search for in a brand.

While Twitch might seem like a place for people to play video games, it’s really a place for marketing companies to give a near hands-on experience.

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