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What every small business needs on their website

What every small business needs on their website

If you’re a small business in the beginning stages of a website build, there are some must-haves to keep in consideration. Having a clear, easy to navigate website is crucial to your site visitors and also bring added importance to your search engine results.

Follow along for some website must-haves.

Who you are.

Always assume your website visitors know nothing about you or your business. Keep it simple, avoid too much jargon, and make it relatable to the audience you cater to.

Consider humanizing your brand by including images of the real people that make up your company.

Contact information.

There’s nothing more frustrating than not having easy-to-find contact information on a website.

Your contact information should include where your business is located, the hours you’re open, a phone number, and a way to send a message.

A custom contact form is the best way to have your inquiries sent to you. Forms keep the inquiries consistent in format and also prevent a plethora of spam from hitting your inbox.


One of the greatest ways to showcase the credibility of your business is by showcasing customer testimonials directly on your website.

Now, we know we’re “Nebraska Nice” and all, but it’s perfectly fine to brag about your business!

Simon Sinek said it best. “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”

Amen, brother.

Call to action.

What? Yes. Tell your website visitors what they need to do next on each page of your site. Do they need to shop more, contact you, or call your office to set up an appointment?

Be clear as to what action your website visitors need to do. It just might prompt them to do it!

For more information on what a call to action is, visit our blog!

Fresh content.

Not only does Google favor fresh content, your website visitors enjoy it. New content shows your relevance, credibility, and truthfully, that you’re an operating business.

Fresh content can be anything from updated images on your website, videos, user-generated content, new testimonials, blog entries, etc.


Speaking of fresh content, one of the simplest ways to incorporate fresh content on your website is through a blog page.

We’ve talked about the importance of a business blog in the past, and we still stand by it. Blogs are a great avenue to host company updates, industry news, expertise, and so much more.

We hope you take these ideas into consideration when you start to game-plan your business’s new website. Can we help you decide what will go on yours?

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