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What is Understood by Interactive Design?

Why you should use interactive design in your project.

Interaction design in common parlance is the products or software like apps or websites. The main purpose of it is the engagement of products and users in the most comfortable setting. 

The best interactive designs are comparatively simpler and are extremely user-friendly. The best designs are not just good with aesthetics but also have high functionality. It should be a guided, goal-oriented experience which gives the optimum results for a product.

The design is intelligent when it can come to a logical chronology of order possibilities that a user might undergo. It should be engaging and seamless to make the maximum impact. 

Let us look at the principles that guide interactive designs:

Learn to anticipate – The more you can anticipate, the more ahead you will stay from your competitors. You should set goals towards engaging content while giving the user an easy flowing experience, but you should make the journey a guided one to serve the best interest of your product. 

Unified experience – If every avenue the user explores on your platform seems different, your brand will lose value as it may seem a conglomeration of brands, rather than one brand.

Too much of variation is distracting and confusing. It is important that you maintain consistency

Limited choices – When it comes to functions, it is better to limit the choices you offer; less the choices, more the chances of the user participating in one activity at least, given that you have offered them with engaging content.

It will also mean less distraction. So, start by taking out the unnecessary features. 

Easy comprehension – It would be waste of time if the user could not understand the content you have presented with. It would help if the engagement to the design needed the least amount of concentration.

You must up your prompting game. It would help you realize your goals and help the user make guided and informative choices, relevant specifically to them. 

Get the customers involved – Catching attention, holding on to it and also getting a positive result is what good engagement looks like. If you lose on engagements, investigate your pain points and work on conversion rates. 

Use the right cues – For maximum benefit to your product, the user experience needs to be prompted or guided. Use the right cues and arrange them using proper predictive analysis for maximum results. 

Easy to use – You might have a marvelous design- aesthetically sound and even has incorporated all the functions you had dreamed of. But, if it is not easily navigable, you have actually got nothing. 

Resolution center – It would be highly unlikely that your page will not be making any errors. The faster you can resolve the errors, it will be better for your product. If you are quick to respond, people will take note. Keep upgrading from time to time to be able to present the best version.

Customized for the product – If the product that you are selling and the design you are presenting within the platform has no connection, then it will lose importance.  Try to incorporate the brand or product in the whole user experience by using clever patterns to highlight. 

If you follow these tips while building the interactive design, you will surely win at the visibility charts and also gain a positive result for your product. 

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