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Who’s Who at Omaha Media Group: Chelsea

Omaha Digital Marketing

First Name:

What the heck do you do here?  
I write content for websites right now. I am slowly gaining more responsibilities.

How do you take your coffee?  
I don’t like real coffee. I enjoy frappucinos and cappuccinos. Pumpkin Spice Frapps are my true love.

Describe your daily at Omaha Media Group:
I usually get here at 8:30 a.m. I enjoy quiet in the morning, so this is why I come early. I check the news, my emails, and start with my tasks. Somedays, I stay a little late to finish and other days I am out of here right on time. It all depends on what is going on for the week.

What’s your favorite tool to use?

Do you have a desk/office essential?  If so, what?
My water bottle. I drink water like a fish.

If you could offer up one piece of industry advice, what would it be?
Never stop learning. Industries are always adapting and evolving and you should do the same.

What’s your social platform of choice?
Yelp! I am a true foodie and an Elite Yelper.

What are you listening to?
My music taste ranges from Today’s R&B hits to Classical music.

Favorite industry-knowledge-gaining resource:
Honestly, I just use Google and find credible websites.  

Happy hour drink:
Margarita with no salt or sugar on the rim or a mojito

Fun fact about yourself:
I love Classic Muscle Cars. (SuperBee, SS, Barracuda, 70’s Chevy trucks and more).  My grandfather and dad restored them when I was younger. American Muscle all the way, as they would say.

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