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Why Does Your Company Need Paid Social Media Promotions?

There is a preconceived notion that to be successful on social media, all you need is good, engaging content. While the veracity of this statement cannot be altogether refuted, it is also true that paid social media campaigns do help to increase the visibility of your content and if it is engaging, your target audience will react to your content positively.

Free marketing tools have limitations. Also, paid social media gives you the opportunity to segment your audience and allows you to divide the total market based on various parameters so that you can skim only those who will find your content relevant.

Benefits of Paid Social Media Promotion

1. Almost everyone is on social media

It is a known fact that almost one-third of the global population is on social media today. So, if you want to engage them, you need to be visible. Paid social media gives you that platform.

2. Organic posts and promotions aren't as successful 

If you want to be seen beyond your followers, you will have to start using paid advertising and promotion features offered by various social media sites. Unless you put some well planned out strategy behind your post, those organic posts are likely not going to be seen by a large audience. According to JustMedia, only 20% of the content created by a company is seen by their followers on an average. So, if you want more shares, likes and more hype regarding your content, you will have to use paid features that allow you to post your content higher on the timeline or make it visible consistently on the newsfeed or allow your pins to be seen, not just by your followers but also those who you think may be your prospective customers.

3. Paid social media advertising is cost-effective

Compared to traditional promotional tools, social media promotion is not only more targeted but also cost-effective. Most social media sites allow you to set a small daily or monthly budget and you can specify the audience you wish to engage. The reach is much higher than in TV or print advertising where narrow targeting is almost impossible.

4. Pay only when there is conversion

There is a concept of pay per click (PPC) in social media that allows you to pay only when a customer converts by clicking a link within your post that takes them to the landing page of your website or when they buy a product directly from your site, etc.

5. Easy to set up

Social media promotion is very easy. You don’t need a huge investment or a large workforce. You will just need to create copy with a relevant image or two or a nice video and once you submit your ad proposal, it will be approved quickly. 

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most popular social media platforms that allow paid promotion. It helps in customer acquisition and retention. But, the best thing is there are so many other social media sites like Reddit, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc and each have their unique features that allow you to engage different kinds of audiences at a fraction of the cost that you would have incurred on traditional media. Learn to use it strategically and the return will be unimaginable!

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