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Your Website Landing Page | Unique Value Proposition

Designing good landing pages

When a visitor gets to your company’s website landing page, they need all the reasons to stay. Some companies forget to do this and are left wondering why they are not getting the conversions that they expect.

The fact is that people’s attention spans are short and their patience is thin.

Some estimates show that you have a little less than 10 6 seconds to get people’s attention before distractions take hold. SIX! Therefore, first impressions are everything.

A big part of your first impression is showing users what you do quickly with transparency and clarity. They also need to see how you can help them fulfill their needs the best. This gets covered in your unique value proposition.

What’s in the Unique Value Proposition?

As the name suggests, this should be focused on what the target audience appreciates and attaches value to the most. A description of your products is not enough to wow them and provide them the value that they seek from you. 

Be specific and push them towards taking action and WHY they have to take that action. Ideally, this “UVP” should be useful, short, and specific.

This allows people to make the decision to find out more about your products and services on the website.

A Unique Value Proposition Answers an Important Question

Why should consumers buy the product or services you're selling?

As such, your website needs to highlight the immediate and specific advantages your customers get when using your services. It should demonstrate how and why your products can solve the customers’ problems.

Jargon can potentially get in the way of your traffic and conversions, as some people might be new to the industry you're in. Therefore, it’s important to put things in terms that your potential customers and visitors can understand.

Websites Forget

You’d be surprised how many websites forget about the UVP when they are trying to make a minimalistic website and put a greater focus on design. Remember, for your website to be successful, like anything else, there needs to be a balance. 

For instance, you may have a creative tagline, with a small description at the end. If it doesn’t describe what your company offers in terms of benefits to your customers, you may need to rework on the design and message.

A small list about your benefits to your potential customers may be a better approach, for example.

The Takeaway: Concentrate on the design and your message (your Company’s UVP) in equal parts and things will not go awry.

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